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The Saga of K’s knee.

Since K returned home from respite, she has been complaining off and on about her left knee being painful. Now I know what you are all thinking. Why has it taken her mother all this time (nearly two whole weeks) to take any action on the matter? What sort of mother is she that leaves such a vast amount of time before taking her Down’s Syndrome daughter to the doctors in order to have said knee investigated?

the problem knee Well I will explain.  K can tend to be a sort of hypochondriac in that if you are suffering from any ailment, she gets it as well.  Arm hurting? So is hers. Back ache? She has that too. ( I suppose a psychologist might suggest that she suffers in sympathy.) So when she declared that her knee hurt when she went downstairs, you can hardly blame this arthritic kneed mother who’s knees happen to creak and groan every time she ascends the stairs, (which K has actually heard by the way) arriving at the conclusion that she was just announcing a sympathy pain, especially as on examining the complained about knee, I could see nothing untoward.

In my defence, as any parent of a special needs child will readily tell you, it is far from easy to gather information that can help you to come to some conclusion on the matter. I had asked the usual questions. When did it hurt her? When she descends the stairs. Did it hurt to walk? No. Did it hurt to stand? No. As she also seemed fine when attending exercise class last week, I wasn’t particularly worried about it. She insisted it was Arthritis. ( Doctor K mode.)

Yesterday she began to complain about the knee more frequently, returning home with tales of a member of staff at the day care centre trying to give her some relief by applying a bag of frozen broccoli to the affected knee. Hmm. This information told me that she was obviously relating her knee problem to members of staff and not just to me!  Time for some action. This was obviously not the usual aping of Mum’s aches and pains!  I grilled her again about when this problem had first surfaced.

electric hospital bed       I banged it on the hospital bed at the Respite Care home.” she suddenly admitted. “It knocked me sick” (this description borrowed heavily from myself when I cracked my knee against the door jamb one day whilst fetching the milk in many years ago, and very nearly for the first time in my life, passed out with the pain.)

Ahh! Now we were getting somewhere! She had banged here knee hard!  Off to the doctors today as a precaution and to let her examine the affected knee thoroughly. She asked K to lay down on the bed, and began raising it to a more suitable height. (the bed, not K’s knee.)

Is this bed safe?” K asked in a terrified voice as the bed lifted up higher. She followed this question with another. “Will I need my leg chopping off?” (I keep saying she watches too many movies, one of which recently was ‘Dances with Wolves’ where he very nearly has his foot amputated.)

Frozen broccoli tescos “I don’t think we’ll need to do that just yet K! “ she said laughing. (Our doctor spends most of her time in fits of laughter at us two.)  After a full examination of said knee, she wrote a prescription for some inflammatory gel to be rubbed on the affected knee four times a day, and advised K that she didn’t want her to be immobile but do some gentle exercise such as walking etc. We thanked her and left to the surgery to collect the prescription. As we waited in the bus station for our bus, I ended up making K laugh out loud when I said

Yes and did you notice K? She didn’t prescribe an application of frozen broccoli to be administered four times a day!”


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14 thoughts on “The Saga of K’s knee.

  1. Poor darling. I do hope she soon feels better. Mine’s on the go today. Well, this evening as it’s getting cold outside, now. I’ve had such a very good run with the arthritis. Haven’t had a bad spell for a few weeks, but maybe it’s time for a lesson in that I haven’t really got rid of it!:-(

  2. You don’t have an easy time do you TG! Just as well K mentioned the bang to the knee…and I’m sure she was most relieved not to have to apply frozen broccoli 4xdaily!!

  3. LOL – what a lovely story – definitely a chuckle – when my kids were growing up they’d say to me, "Mum my leg/arm/foot hurts" when I do this (followed by demonstration) To which I generally replied – (I bet you’ve guessed it) Well don”t do "this" then! the other "in stock" answer was "It’s just growing pains" which was used by my mum, when ever I complained in such a way! (generally it was, I think) To which they normally replied "I hate you Mum" (LOL and then just kidding and a hug) I know K’s older, but your story so reminded me of my kids being younger, a very pleasant memory! Thanks TG Hope her knee feels gets better soon!

  4. Thanks for the comments. yes its hard to get the relevant info out of K. Its rather similar Mandy to talking to a child. She had neglected to add that she had banged it until yesterday! Had she mentioned that small fact on her return from respite, I would of course have acted sooner. Anyway, I have now begun applying the inflammatory creme (stinks by the way) so she should soon be on the mend. There was no bruising visible either. It doesn’t help at all that she has this tendency to ape all my ailments either!

  5. I will inform her knee of your wishes Penny. Also do all realise that K LOVES me to blog about her. (she is a real extrovert and loves to be in the limelight) if she says or does anything funny she’ll say "Mum, are you going to blog about that?" Yesterday when our long awaited bus didn’t turn up, I was talking to a fellow suffering passenger about it being late, and instead of saying to him " Well, it looks as if its blobbed!" (Yorkshire speak for missed) I said " Well, looks as if its blogged!" which prompted howls of laughter from K and a retort of "Mum! You’ve got blogging on the brain!"

  6. An injury to the knee is painful as i did it last week and it still hurts!! K is so funny and so are you. Hope both our knees heal soon. Mine has been hurting for a week, if doesn’t go away soon going to try the brocolli. LOL Hugs, Patsy

  7. Hope K’s knee get better very soon , frozen peas they come in very handy at times like these. Funny comment at the end LOL

  8. What is it with knees??? It seems just about everyone I know is having sympathy knees!!! I hope K’s gets better, yours get oiled & less painful …. I can just picture you sitting side by side, K with frozen broccoli and you with warmed frozen soup!!! Take care

  9. Yes. Not a pretty sight Tricia! LOL K’s has made a miraculous recovery, not thanks to a packet of frozen broccoli but to a tube of Voltarol Emulgel applied liberally four times a day by her Mum (who then has to dash off smartly to the bathroom in order to wash off the smell.) Fraid there is little hope for my knees, they creak and groan everytime I ascend the stairs (I ought to make a recording of it, on second thoughts, maybe not!) Wear and tear is the ventured explanation for mine.

  10. With Arthritis as debilitating as it is … someone should really make a study and come up with some good, simple, useful, answers. It’s ridiculous that with all the brains in the medical world no one has found a cure for this ….. or at least serious alleviation …Here’s wishing you "oily" knees …

  11. My alleviation comes from wearing support pads. Brilliant idea, whoever thought of it:-) Dunno so much about anything frozen applied, except that you’re so busy shivering from the cold, you completely forget about the pain?Just thought I’d ask ya. Hey, you know what I’m like;-)

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