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A typical November morning.

When I peered out of the window this morning, it was a typical November morning, frosty, foggy, damp and dismal. Hastily getting dressed I dashed out of the door, camera in hand, to try and capture it all. (Just hope that none of the neighbours happened to be watching. They all think I am ‘gaga’ as it is without seeing me dashing out into the frosty fog at 06.30am in my slippers to take some photos.)

It's foggy and frosty! Brrr!

Typical November morning stitch 

Somewhere up there is a farm

Can you see the frost?

You should just be able to make out the frost on the grass in this one.

Can  you see the moon?


Can you see the moon in this shot? It’s a half moon so I should be safe. Seems I am only affected by the full moon. (tarot reading a while back.) Do you think I managed to capture November and the cold and fog?

And you might be wondering where was K whilst I was busy rushing about capturing all this? Just getting up out of her nice warm bed. Good job she is used to me and my strange behaviour isn’t it?





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8 thoughts on “A typical November morning.

  1. Good shots TG that is what I woke up to this morning TG , it turned out a lovely afternoon blue sky but not for long though. at the moment it’s chilly and very cold and very still.

  2. It’s been stunning here today. We had the thick mist which cleared, mid-morning. It’s clear tonight, but we’re in for some rain tomorrow! Ah well, least rain might warm things up a bit! I certainly won’t go out unless I have to.

  3. Yes it was the same here actually, which explains my dashing out at such an early hour. It had brightened up and the fog was gone by about 09.00am by the time K left for day care. A morning like this one always reminds me of November.

  4. Excellent photos….but how could you dash out in the frost and take pics that early?!! I am frozen to the wolfie bone just thinking about it! 50 layers of coats to get me up the road to work at 07:45 is quite bad enough!! Your a very brave and courageous TG but I love the Nov. am pics…good on ya!!! ;))

  5. To be honest with you Europa, I didn’t stop to think about it (very impulsive person by nature) I just wanted to capture it as it is so typical November.

  6. I love them … long rule the slipper brigade!! Don’t stop being impulsive, they make life memorable, and these are superb … thanks for sharing.

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