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The Trouble with Micky D’s.

As some of you may be aware, we sometimes visit McDonalds for a meal especially if we are out shopping. This post is my thoughts about the usual service that we often encounter there.  It was prompted strangely enough by a rare visit to Burger King on Saturday whilst out on a fruitless shopping trip for K some new trainers and afforded a direct comparison of  said service. It is written with my usual sense of humour and is not meant to be taken too seriously. You should all be well aware by now of how I love to have a good moan.

I will begin with  a summary  of what usually occurs whenever we arrive at the counter in a McDonalds to place our order.

Me. “Grilled chicken Caesar salad, a tea and a Dairy Milk Caramel McFlurry”

Grilled chicken caesar salad

Member of staff serving me now takes about half an hour to find where the salads are on the menu on the till and this usually entails having to ask another member of staff who of course has to mosey over from wherever they happen to be (usually serving the much  more important customers sitting in their cars outside the service window who obviously take priority.)

Member of staff serving me,  once they have been shown by the  other member of staff where said Chicken Caesar Salad actually is to be found on the till, “Do you want Grilled or Crispy?” Sigh. (Of course it has taken said member of staff so long to find out where the salads are to be found in the till that they have completely forgotten what I asked for in the first place.)

Me. “Grilled chicken Caesar salad.”

And what drink do you want with that?” Sigh. 

Me. “A tea. And a Caramel McFlurry.” (hoping against hope that these two items will some how be retained this time around.)

The ice cream machine is broken, we can’t do any McFlurry’s, Sorry. Anything else?”

Gulp. Moving on to  K’s order.

Chicken Legend

A chicken Legend meal please, with a still Fanta orange, no ice.” 

Is that a medium or a large meal?”

Me. “A large please.”  I then wait for input into till from staff member, hand over the money and then remain waiting at the counter. Staff member begins to get our order.

Returns to counter. We don’t have any Caesar dressing.” Sigh. “Do you want Balsamic dressing instead?”

Having tried out said Balsamic dressing on a previous occasion when there was no Caesar salad dressing and didn’t like it one bit I ask, 

Can I just have some Mayonnaise on instead please?”

We’re just waiting for the salad, you can go and sit down, we’ll bring it over to you.” Hmm. Customers ‘hovering’ at the counter seems to unnerve most counter staff for some reason.  Must think we are ‘overseeing’ our order is done properly. K and I go and sit down.


When the meal eventually arrives you can guarantee the following,

Either my McFlurry will be missing if the ice cream machine IS working,(rare) or K’s still Fanta orange will have ice in it necessitating  a get up from the seat and return to the counter to rectify. Which over many years of constant repeats of the above scenario has led  me to arrive at  the following conclusions.

In order to work at McDonalds you have to either be deaf or have a lousy memory (even worse than mine and that’s saying something) and these are the main attributes needed to be employed there. (My youngest son ought to be a McDonalds employee as he never EVER listens to anything that anyone says to him, and I have often told him that  he would be a natural behind the till.)

Alternatively the other explanation is that I am the only customer in the entire British Isles who actually purchases a Grilled Chicken Caesar salad in McDonalds and K is the only customer in the entire British Isles who does not like ice in her drink.  I have arrived at this conclusion simply because the above has occurred in nearly every McDonalds restaurant that we have ever visited anywhere in this country and that includes the one in Scotland.  Is it such a rarity that anyone orders Grilled Chicken Caesar salad that management  never bother to include it in the repertoire of training given to staff?

mcdonalds uniform

Why can staff never find it on the till? Is it buried so far down the menu, hidden away 10 to 20 button presses down?  And why is the ice cream machine always broken down? Why doesn’t the ice cream mechanic just simply become a permanent member of staff so that he is always available seeing as he must spend most of his day travelling to and fro in order to fix it? It would be surely cheaper to make him a bed up in the back so that he is in constant calling distance. After all, he practically lives there anyway.

And K’s still Fanta orange with no ice. Well, that’s just habit I suppose. Staff are so used to bunging those ice cubes into all the drinks (although quite where they get them from when the ice cream machine is constantly broken is beyond me.  Must be from an entirely  different machine and one that works all the time. Obviously serviced by a different mechanic to the Ice cream machine) It’s a wonder come to think of it, how I don’t end up with some bunged in my tea.

It all becomes starkly highlighted when you pay the occasional visit to Burger King as K and I did on Saturday. What a difference! Gave our order. No asking ‘did you say this, or did you say that?’ No having to repeat any part of it. Soon as the order was given, till girl went  and collected everything, every part of the order was present and correct. It was all efficiently done. Okay  to be fair to McDonalds  we didn’t actually stretch the Menu. K didn’t ask for no ice added to her drink  because it was a bottle of orange juice instead.  Nor did I  ask for a salad in order to test if theirs was also buried somewhere obscure in their till menu.   The ice cream machine was working. (Obviously they use a different mechanic. Wonder if I could persuade him to also service the ice cream machines in McDonalds as a side line?) 



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15 thoughts on “The Trouble with Micky D’s.

  1. You order was out of pattern, Sincerely, …The Hamburgler. Here in the Colonies, McDonalds and Burger King are a service toss-up, but not all that bad considering how lousy the pay is.

  2. Yes I agree. This post is very ‘tongue in cheek Tom and not meant to be taken seriously! They do a wonderful job. Having once worked in Woolies in my youth during the six week holidays, it ain’t no fun dealing with customers.

  3. Maybe K doesn’t want ice because she wants to pay more for the actual Fanta, rather than frozen water. I remember my sis went to this coffee shop one time, ordered an iced coffee without the ice, but received a cup only filled up to 1/3 its size, because apprently that’s what you’re paying for…Never heard of those items on the McDonald’s in the states. Service really isn’t too bad here though, compared to what you wrote. Yeah, waiting in line can be boring, but it usually takes like 2-4 minutes for our order, even with a busy crowd. Same with the Burger King too.

  4. Must be different here then. They always seem short of staff at most of our local ones. Our McDonalds began doing salads ages ago when their was a nationwide outcry about how unhealthy most of the menu was. Mind you, as you can see from this post, I am the only customer who buys them……….

  5. Look, it’s like this. Flurry usually means snow. You take the drinks you’re given, having remembered to bring your own ice crusher and a sieve with you. You sit at the table, pour the drink into a spare glass using the sieve.Keep the ice you’ve strained out.Stick the ice in the crusher, crush until fine. You now have a Flurry! You don’t need the "Mc" to go with it as those letters got put in the word by mistake. Someone just forgot how to spell Flurry.Okay;-)And as for the food? Well, can’t advise there. I don’t know EVERYTHING!

  6. Good to see you have retained your sense of humour in these dark nights of autumn 😉 Mit I suggest that next time you go to KFC…much better service and far better food! Especially for a wolfie!! ;))

  7. Hmm. Never tried KFC Europa. I might give it a go. Although do remember that our versions of these different restaurants are not necessarilly the same as in the states (re service etc) Note the uniforms worn by staff in McDonalds over here.

  8. Ah Jen! The flurry you are referring to, those made out of crushed ice are not the same as the ones served in McDonalds. they are just ice cream with different mixtures added such as smarties, or caremello etc.

  9. May I suggest this for the next fanta drink, just ask for little ice with the drink. I have found that little ice is easier to pass. (Sick humor) BK’s over Mc a D’s anytime. Wolfie KFC here in the States ugh! there is a joke about them, the chicken is "road kill" This was a good post like the humor.

  10. Thanks Grandpa. Sounds like its ‘take your pick’ over in the States as well regarding these restaurants. I had my last child rather late in life (38) and as you know, they like to eat in Micky D’s, Burger King, and my youngests favourite Subway. So I will blame their influence! LOL Of course when you are out shopping they are handy I must admit.

  11. Never tried KFC?!!! You must! You don’t know what joys and pleasures you are missing out on!! Grandpa…BK’s are like dried up patties!! Give me a KFC anytime ;)) Road kill chicken….hmm…I LIKE road kill chicken! Nice n spicy ;))

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