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A Swimming Pool update. (for anyone in the least bit interested.)

For all those readers who are in the least bit interested in news of any progress regarding our long awaited Swimming Pool, read on, for the rest of you who couldn’t care less about it and are fed up to the back teeth of reading about it,  saunter off somewhere else..

Well, I am very pleased to report to my two regular readers that things have moved on in leaps and bounds since my last post about our long awaited new Swimming Pool!  Remember my last pictures?  A bleak and empty vista of not very much at all being gazed on by a bemused K, who couldn’t quite fathom what we were supposed to be looking at seeing as there was nothing there?

 The Swimming Pool site

Despite the lousy ‘Wuthering Heights’ type weather we have been experiencing lately (which incidentally had  prompted this sceptical Granny to think that there would be hardly any progress made at all during this time) I am happy to report that despite the rain and cold winds I have been proved completely wrong and  progress has moved along at a fantastic pace!  A huge crane has been employed recently to lift and place the numerous metal frames into position which make up the frame of the building, and it is all  looking very good (although I have to confess, much bigger than I envisaged it was going to be!)

 Swimming Pool shell stitch

This side (where my panoramic pic is taken) is obviously going to be the entrance and I am really beginning to get quite exited about it all! (You would all understand completely if you lived in this neck of the woods, and had been Swimming Pool less for the last 10 to 15 years.)  However, I have begun to have a very sneaky suspicion that someone belonging the construction firm are actually reading my blog! Gulp! Why? What has made this paranoid old Granny reach this conclusion? Well just look at the clues.

Take a look at the pic above that I took of the site previously and note the position from where it was taken and where K and I were standing. There was a wide gap left in the fence which was ideal for a spot of snooping and ‘lack of progress’ photo shoots. Shortly after that post and photo shoot the gap in the yellow fence was promptly boarded up!  Now there is no gap left in which to take my pictures from!

However, being part of the ‘considerate construction’ group of contractors, they haven’t completely blocked me out of the equation. Oh no. The lower panoramic  picture was taken through a sort of ‘peephole’ specifically  cut out from the yellow fence and obviously provided for the nosy old git with the camera who has nothing better to do but blog about a new pool build!


They obviously have a sense of humour these builders because note the large notice placed adjacent to that peephole now. Not even a dotty old Granny like me can miss the irony. Added to that (and to both give more information AND wet my appetite even further)  they have also posted lots of pictures on the side of the yellow fence showing just how everything will look when its all completed.  The swimming pool, the entrance lobby, the ‘keep fit’ room complete with all the exercise bikes etc, and they have even posted a ‘newsletter’ next to the ‘viewing point’ notice so that nosy old Granny’s can read the latest progress updates! How kind and thoughtful is that readers?

Of course its not easy to now get an overall picture (or panoramic photo) of the entire build from the small cut out in the fence as the previous gap afforded me, but at least you can see the progress that has been achieved in such a short time. Note the stairs already in position! So. Could K and I be leaping into that new pool sometime this next year? Could our legs be cycling like crazy and pounding those treadmills in that newly completed Gym and exercise room?

Only time will tell! Keep up the good work yellow hats on site and my grateful thanks for being so considerate and thoughtful to this snooping Gran, and please keep reading my blog!


11 thoughts on “A Swimming Pool update. (for anyone in the least bit interested.)

  1. I can hardly believe the progress they have made, You will be in there before no time. I hope this ghastly weather is not getting you down too much. See ya, Pen.

  2. It is getting me down Penny, I do try to stay positive, but like the squirrels, bears etc, I really ought to gather up and hoard in October and then not venture anywhere till April. Remain curled up all winter in a ball. I say I will do exactly that every year but K talks me out of it. (She’d have to shop and cook for herself, hence the persuasion to stay awake and not to hibernate.)

  3. Well! You can’t get more direct than "…saunter off somewhere else." now, can you! The rest of this is just incredible. A lovely read and let the blog snooping continue. Who knows? They might even take a few suggestions, should some be casually thrown in;-)Good to see your page, TG. Hope all is well and love to you and yours.

  4. Great progress TG looking good and yes maybe you and K will be enjoying all of the amenities some time next year. Awful weather here to TG hope you are feeling just fine take care.

  5. I am braving it all as best I can, but do expect posts to be ‘few and far between’ from yours truly. I will post if I feel in the mood but as that is terribly hard going during winter, then it will be spasmodic. I cheered up enough to do this post because I was so thrilled with the progress achieved, delighted by the amusing ‘viewing point’ cut out in the yellow fence, and I have had my hair done! (always cheers me up as it does most females I think!) As always thanks for all your comments.

  6. Ah TG, what a delightful post … and how refreshing to be proved wrong for once!!! Not only the speed of work but their sense of humour ….. It looks as though it will be magnificent …. scrily big!!Sorry to have missed the last few posts, but life has been hectic …. I will try and blog a bit of it later tonight … Here’s beaming you some sunshine ….

  7. Hope that everything has gone well for you Tricia. I am currently messing around with my new universal remote that K has bought me for xmas.

  8. Hello….not one of your earliest arrivals must admit but better late than never to this most enjoyable of blogs. Great progress is being made TG! And they are so thoughtful and considerate to your needs and requirements and those of your readers! I can see you will be the fittest granny in your part of the world!

  9. I do hope so Europa! Its supposed to be completed in October next year so you can all look forward to lot’s of pics of yours truly and K diving in, taking the plunge, (well lowering carefully down the steps to be precise!) cycling, running, walking, etc and generally putting the new building (and ourselves) through its paces! I can’t wait! (just hope we can use our ‘passport to leisure’ cards that’s all!)

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