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Winter eating habits.

Jam Roly Poly I was just thinking the other day about my very strange eating habits that kick in during the winter months. My long term readers will know that I am constantly trying to keep ‘on top’ of my weight and that I have been desperately trying to get back to some semblance of that old svelte self of my younger days.

It isn’t easy as you get older. I used to be able to eat just about anything and never put an ounce of weight on, but now, just one glance at a chocolate and I am two or three pounds heavier! Apparently part of this is our metabolism which slows down with age (or so I tell myself as I stare down in horror at the weighing scales) even exercise doesn’t  seem to make any difference either or this Gran would be as skinny as a rake all the walking I do everyday and our stints at the exercise classes every week.

chocolate pudding with choc sauce I had managed to get down to 10st 10 pounds before we turned the clocks back and the weight was beginning to travel in a downward direction, but as I have now realized, besides making me feel miserable winter also seems to play havoc with my eating habits as well. Despite the feeling that I don’t want anything at all to eat because I don’t feel particularly hungry, why am I constantly craving Jam Roly Poly with custard, chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate sauce or even that winter stalwart  Spotted Dick with custard?

And why the sudden urge to devour several tons of chocolate and sweets? I nearly made myself ill yesterday on our return journey from shopping when I succumbed to purchasing a squidgy mallow Xmas lolly from the newsagents where we buy our lottery ticket from. It was shaped like a snowman and made of squidgy jelly and icing sugar. I ate it sat in the bus station waiting for the bus then felt really sick on the bus journey home. (serves me right of course!)

Spotted Dick with custard Consequently I am now back to just over 11 stone. All of two stone overweight for my height. K isn’t much help either. I have asked her to stop me from buying any sweets, chocolate, fattening foods etc, but it seems to be impossible for her to do so. She blames this on the fact that in her words,  ‘Mum, I’m too soft’ (she means in nature I suppose) although I suspect the real reason is that it goes against her principal  belief that eating is the sole reason for our entire existence, her firm conviction that  you would immediately expire if you miss out so much as one meal,  and that you should eat anything you please no matter what  the outcome to your ever widening figure or your health. (She also got a Xmas lolly and a packet of Mars planets but didn’t eat hers until much later unlike her greedy Mum.)

mars-planets-chocolate-case-of-36-bags-1524-p Oh well. I suppose I am resigned to this ‘must have a stodgy pudding or else I’ll go mad’ eating frenzy during the winter months and I shall just put it down to ‘comfort eating’ Trouble is, what on earth will I resemble by the time we reach Spring? I dread to think, but until then, pass me that pudding please!


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7 thoughts on “Winter eating habits.

  1. Oh dear, I so understand this dilemma. With all the upheaval in my life right now I just crave comfort food, and at the same time it is getting hotter and hotter and everybody else is showing more and more flesh and I want to run out and buy a Muumuu to cover up all the bulges!!!The only way I’ve managed to control my cravings, is to set some boundaries for myself. For instance I can have as much dark chocolate as I like …. but positively no milk chocolate. (This way I can kid myself that the DC is good for me!!! & feel very virtuous when people offer me MC .. though they have no idea what a secret glutton I am for the DC!)Just reading this made me hanker for that sticky pudding ……. yum!

  2. Yes Jen you are right! I could do with the yellow hats working overtime and getting the new pool and gym ready for about April just so I can be in there working all that stodge off! And don’t forget, we have two Xmas dinners to attend as well. Gulp! Perhaps I should buy a new outfit size 14 then I will just HAVE to forgo all this sweet craving or I won’t get into it..

  3. Well I was a size 10 Jen right up until about age 40 +. Even after having the children I always went back to my 7st 2 size 10. Its only since then that I have shot up to a 16. Its just not me. I have always been skinny and underweight! LOL

  4. Comfort eating! Perfectly normal and understandable at this time of the year! Just view it you are burning off all the extra calories trying to keep warm through the winter!!…now….where did I put those do-nuts…and that bar of choccie! ;))

  5. Yes Europa but meanwhile I have put the weight back on that I had lost during the summer months! We are not as active either because of the inclement weather outside (well I’m not!) so of course that contributes as well.

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