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York shopping trip photos

Here are some more photos of our Brandy laced shopping trip in York for you all to enjoy. (Well apart from those containing me that is)

All taken by K as she chomped and slurped her way around the Xmas market stalls. The one of the handsome guy stood lolling against a stall is of course her new friend who was serving out the hot chocolate laced with Brandy. (Or was it Brandy laced with hot chocolate?)


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6 thoughts on “York shopping trip photos

  1. Yea but was it showing as an update on your what’s new page? Cos it sure isn’t showing as an update on my profile page!!

  2. I’ll take a look, not all updates do show up, my update to my WordPress blog never shows up……its hit and miss

  3. No its not on my What’s new updates Europa. Wonder if comments on our photos ever showed up? Perhaps their not included for some reason……..just a thought

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