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New Hair Day.

My new hairdo.

We’ve both been to the hairdressers for our hair doing. A perm for me and K a wash cut and blow dry. This time it wasn’t our usual hairdresser, she has left for pastures new. It was the salon owner doing the honours today.  I actually prefer how she has done K’s,  especially her fringe but I don’t think K is as suited about it. Mine looks okay, I’ll be able to tell better when I try to style it myself later.

It was another lovely sunny day as well, and quite a busy ‘rushing about’ one for me. First of all, I had to escort daughter down to the Adult Education Centre for her cookery class which began at ten o’clock.  Why? Because the day care staff are having a training day.  After dropping her off, I then rushed across town for some Grape Juice for me as I was running out and forgot to buy any yesterday, then back to the ATM outside the bank to withdraw some cash to pay for our hair do’s, a quick dash to the bus station for the bus.

Home, then before I’d blinked or had time to catch my breath  it was time to walk back down to collect K at 12.30pm.  Back to bus station caught the bus home, some dinner, a quick browse on the Internet then a brisk walk up to the hairdressers for my 3.00pm hair appointment.

DSC00103 DSC00106

Now back home I am sitting down composing this blog for you to read and literally catching my breath as I do so. I feel exhausted! It’s a wonder to be honest with you that I didn’t meet myself coming back.


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