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Driving myself over the edge.

Its at this time of year when I tend to drive myself over the edge.  Which in itself is quite a feat seeing as I can’t drive. I get on my own nerves. Drive myself insane. It’s the weather you see.  (Have to blame something.)  I can’t seem to dress appropriately for the constantly changing temperature outside. I’m either too hot or too cold. Taking stuff off then putting stuff on. Take today for example.


Looked out the window.  Sun streaming in. Not a cloud in the sky. Ahh, I thought to myself as the temperature in the lounge rapidly climbed, I’ll be warm enough with just a t-shirt on.  Went outside for a temperature  test before setting off to Tai Chi.  Brrr!  It was cold!  Cripes I thought, I’d better put a sweatshirt on as well!

White Marl

In the hall doing Tai Chi. Sun streaming through the windows. Sweating cobs! Sweatshirt off and stuffed in my bag. (good job its huge isn’t it and all those who have pondered in the past why I insist on buying huge massive bags now know why.)  Down into town to get Mrs Bossy Boot’s items of shopping from Sainsbury’s.  Came out of the supermarket, I was shivering again!

Arrived home still feeling cold and resorted to switching the central heating on!  No wonder that this is the time of year (besides Autumn) when I tend to come down with a cold! Needless to say, I’m back in the warm sweatshirt, for now that is.  Off, on , warm, cold. Sweating, shivering.  For heavens sake get a new temperature control fitted woman, before you drive yourself loony!   (Or heed your Mothers oft uttered words of wisdom, ‘Don’t cast a clout till May goes out!’)


2 thoughts on “Driving myself over the edge.

  1. Wow… talk of synchronicity! Though my mum had it as “Don’t change your clout ’til May is out”. But hardly a day has passed recently without that running through my head. Cos this weather really is crazy. Sun one minute, rain the next. Nice and warm, or really chilly winds. Constantly changing clothes? Yep. Guess we’ll all have to resort to carrying complete wardrobes around with us!

    • Ahh! Our Mum’s and their pearls of wisdom, passed down from their Mum’s and oft with more sense than we have!
      I have passed this on to my offspring of course (not that they ever take any notice of me and my stupid sayings) and it turns out every year, despite the forecast of global warming, to still hold true.

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