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A Ramble around our Estate.

I’ve been on a ramble this morning. (Anything to get out of doing the boring housework.) Took me camera with me with the sole aim or capturing some of my favourite blossom trees (Oh no! Not some more blasted blossom trees! says my thoroughly bored of bloody blossom trees reader) Hey, I promise these are the very last one’s I will take, alright?

Deep pinks in all their finery To try and fill you in with a description of our estate, its not your common run of the mill council estate. Oh no! Not by a long chalk! It looks nothing like. It actually more closely resembles a Butlins holiday camp (in my humble opinion) in layout, and all because the bright spark who designed it decided to ‘do something different’ trying to be modern and clever I suppose.

He had the bright idea of ‘mixing’ it all up, so that instead of placing all the family three bedroomed properties together in one area, the old folks bungalows together in another area and the one and two bedroomed flats together, he would instead build them next to  each other with the result that no one speaks to anyone else if they can help it, and there have been constant mutterings, moaning’s, shouting’s, ranting’s and ravings and fall out’s on here ever since it was built and occupied by residents.

A line of white blossom You get old folks bungalows plonked right next door to the family three bedroomed terraces which as you can imagine is a recipe for disaster if ever there was one.  My children couldn’t play anywhere when they were young, being constantly yelled at by the elderly residents living nearby with reminders and shouts with shaking fists ‘You can’t play ball there!’ etc etc. They even made the council erect  huge signs everywhere it was possible to place them stating ‘NO BALL GAMES ALLOWED’ in huge letters.

So our children had either to be taken to the local park to stretch their legs or remain indoors. (driving their respective mother’s insane.)

Those residents who lived in the flats also tended to  be  a mixed bunch of residents as well, all having to use the same communal doorway to enter. Some young married couples, some with children, (some single families) and also older residents, so again, a  recipe for disaster, arguments, complaints and fallouts were the order of the day. 


Over the years it has matured and changed into an entirely different estate altogether. Practically all of the three bedroomed houses are now privately owned and some of the bungalows as well.  Its a quieter place now, rows of neatly manicured lawns and peaceful occupations usually pottering around in the garden. Tons and tons of parked cars are liberally sprinkled all over the roads owing to the fact that not many garages were provided on here when the estate was built in 1970. There weren’t as many car owners in those days of course.

We older residents can also count ourselves lucky that we don’t have far to travel to our final destination when we kick the bucket and leave this mortal coil as the local Cemetery is right next door. Not only that, it is liberally sprinkled with the now familiar blossom trees that propagate the whole estate so we should feel right at home.

Nice and HandyJust a hop, skip and a jump from this life to the next, and not a stones throw away!  Now that’s what I call  handy! All we need now is a Maternity Unit to be built on the opposite side of the estate,  then we could enter, reside and leave all in the space of a few hundred metres!

TG  (pics taken on this estate ramble over on the right and on my flickr.)


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