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Quest to renew a railcard.

We set off on one of our quests yesterday.  To renew my Senior railcard to be exact.  Well that was my reason but as it turned out, an Angry Whopper meal figured largely in K’s quest.  As is usual for us two intrepid adventurers, rather than simply go to the nearest train station to carry out this task,  we  made a meal of it and toured West Yorkshire. Well maybe not quite the whole of West Yorkshire but a huge big two cities and a town part of it.

Builders,constructors and shoppers Setting off from our nearest bus stop, we began our quest via bus to Bradford. We have to keep visiting Bradford often simply because if we don’t go regularly we’ll end up not recognising it.  Buildings going up  here, roads being dug up, buildings being demolished there, its a City always in flux, constantly changing and evolving and  every other person you walk past  wears a hard hat, a yellow tunic and carry’s a pick axe.

There was a memorial of flowers placed in the square outside the town hall  to remember all those killed in the Bradford City Football Stadium  fire disaster on the 11th May.

Memorial for Bradford City Football stadium fire. We made our way to Forster Square Railway station with Samwise Gamgee K marching merrily in front for once,  where I promptly renewed my Senior Railcard which was of course the object of today’s quest.  Well my part of the quest at any rate.

The Railway Sculptures, BradfordSane people anyone else would have turned around and simply set off  back home at this point, but as we don’t conform to normal, we bought some tickets and jumped on the Leeds train instead complete with a bag of sweets each to munch on the journey there. 

barnsley-kirkstall-and-leeds-033 It’s a pity (I always think with this particular journey)  that just as you leave Shipley and begin to run through  some of the loveliest countryside on this particular  run,  the blasted train driver puts his foot down (or whatever engine drivers do on these electric trains) and all you see is a blur at 100 miles an hour. I keep wanting to pay a visit to a  fantastic looking old Abbey that we always zoom past.  It looks fascinating.  According to my ex its Kirkstall Abbey near Leeds, but whether I will ever fulfil my wish and pay it a visit instead of always seeing it out of a train window, is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Arriving at Leeds station we had a toilet break, then went through the ticket gates. If the idea behind their introduction was to save man power, they haven’t succeeded because it needs just as many staff (if not more)  to aid  travellers to negotiate their way through them.  Most weren’t working for a start, then K nearly got stuck going through hers. (that blasted backpack she insists on bringing everywhere we go!)

Leeds Railway StationInto the Travel Office to book my tickets for my trip up to Scotland in June. The lady serving me had had all her hair shaved off for some charity or other, and K admired it enviously. Mind you, it did suit her. I will be going up via the Leeds/Carlisle route, through the Yorkshire Dales.  Then onward  to the external ticket office for two tickets to Huddersfield. We couldn’t resist stopping  to admire the Pick and Mix stall someone had set up on the concourse and were very nearly tempted to buy a bag of huge flumps that caught our eye. 

Whoohoo! Look Mum!

Resisting temptation,  we tore ourselves away and braved the ticket gates again. Hmm, as always the train we needed was  leaving from the furthest platform away over on the other side. Up the escalator, pause to take some shots with my camera of the lines outside the window and the lines inside the station then across to platform 16.

Train stations fascinate me.  I could gladly sit there all day watching people coming and going, rushing here and there, running at the last minute down the steps or along the platforms, dragging trolleys, passing each other maybe to never pass each other again ever in their lifetime. Where are they going?  Where have they been?  Are they arriving or departing?  Work or holiday? Or  on some sort of  quest like us?  It would be fascinating to set up one of those timed cameras as people rushed by to capture it all.

Leed's City Train station from Plaform 16 

As we were stood waiting for the Huddersfield train, we had to laugh as just as the York train had shut its doors ready to set off when about five or six teenagers came hurtling down the escalator yelling at the tops of their voices to the train guard to wait. They managed to catch the train. Ah! so J is not the only one who waits till the last minute then, and spends half his life making a mad dash down platforms or down roads for buses, nearly missing everything there is to possibly nearly miss!

Huddersfield outside the station

Next stop Huddersfield where the recent construction work going on in front of the railway station has turned out to be  somebody’s brilliant  idea of  having  six water fountains placed there squirting water into the air. I can see running through those being a fun pastime for children and inebriated grown ups. What puzzled me was the water from them is not channelled away to be reused but wastefully runs down the square. At the bottom of the square is yet another water feature, this one resembling a waterfall.  If we have a hot summer and water ends up being  in short supply, these features will go down well won’t they?  Who the heck comes up with ideas like this?

Had some dinner in that favourite haunt of K, Burger King. (actually,  any eatery is a favourite haunt of K.)  In fact, apparently that was the reason for the round trip on all these trains, because there is no Burger King in Bradford, the one in Leeds station has nowhere for you to sit down, so our ‘round’ the towns and cities of Yorkshire was purely for an Angry Whopper meal!

TG  (more pics of  our quest over on the right hand sidebar as always.)


10 thoughts on “Quest to renew a railcard.

  1. Bradford eh? I was supposed to be heading for Bradford, but ended up here in Bedford where I’ve been stuck ever since (for the the past near on 20 years) cos I… er… sort of screwed up. Well, Bradford, Bedford… they do sound similar!

    And that “water feature” at Huddersfield sounds suspiciously similar to something we have here. Reckon its the same firm of architects (or whatever they call themselves) moonlighting or something?

  2. architects? idiots more like! It’s all running all the way down past Harold to the bottom where I suppose the brilliant idea is that its collected in the ‘waterfall feature’ one.
    Can you imagine the towns youth emerging at night from the clubs and pubs worse for wear and what mayhem will then ensue? Or a mother out with her offspring who run willy nilly into the middle of it all?
    You would have lot’s to shoot if you had landed in Bradford. The entire scene changes so quickly there that any subjects you photographed (building wise I mean) would probably not be there the following month.
    Who the heck pays for it all, I haven’t a clue, but its always been like that for as long as I can remember, and I went mates with a lass from Bradford during the sixties. Used to go shopping every week into C & A’s which in common with most other shops in Bradford is now no longer there. You can guarantee that there’s one or more of those giant cranes in the skyline.

    • Well, from the pics it looks interesting enough. It has to be better than Bedford anyway. And what’s that fascinating thing in the third pic down?

  3. Mike, if you hover over the picture you would find out! To bore you to tears, the old Forster Square station came all the way along here so when this new station was built, a designer came up with these two sculptures. They really are very clever and have rails running through them and then along the ground. (inset of course or we’d all trip up over them!) They are ‘twisted’ around and the top bit (which I think is made of glass) lights up at night.
    You can just about make out two of the rails running toward me in the shot I took, and they run away at the other side as well.
    It’s a shot that I take quite often and there are better one’s of it somewhere in the anals of my photos. I’ll dig some out for you.(if I can find them that is.)
    There are also small concrete ‘ball’ shapes inset into the ground for us all to trip over, so we don’t get off that easily.

    • I really like the sense of “flowingness” (is that a word?) to them, and the shape, and the way they seem to be a part of the ground itself and, well, everything really.

  4. Wow! You are easily pleased! Actually we have a mixed bag of sights when I come to think of it in amongst the rubble, dirty streets, neglected houses and buildings etc. I love how he made use of some old rails from the old station (which of course was demolished!) and incorporated them into his sculptures. You would probably love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park then.
    We paid a visit there last year. Yorkshire is a fantastic place for taking photos in my opinion. We have our share of castles, abbeys, ruins, etc, and what I consider to be amongst some of the most wonderful scenery ‘him up there’ ever created. None of it is boring, and that’s why I love living here.

  5. Why thank you, you are too kind! Glad you like my take on life. (must be somebody who’s a stickler for punishment) I am busy elsewhere at the moment but should be posting some more of my exploits soon, hopefully, well maybe, that is, if I have time………

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