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Technogran’s Law.

I’ve no doubt that you have all heard of Sod’s Law.  That famous law that tends to occur  to all of us on occasions at some point or another during our lifetimes. In my case it happens more often than not, and usually involves the exact same laws occurring time and time again. Here’s the list. See if any of them regularly happen to you. All of the following I can guarantee will tend to occur to me more or less on a daily basis.

First bus image

1, I complete my shopping and enter the bus station to catch my bus only to see it disappearing off into the distance. I then have half an hour to wait for the next.

2. I vainly wait for a parcel delivery all day, nip out for a few minutes and the parcel delivery man arrives. He returns the parcel to the Depot and I have to go and collect it, necessitating a two mile trek. (well it seems like two miles.)

parcel 3. I am waiting for a parcel to be delivered and as soon as I take a toilet break, the parcel delivery man arrives.  Despite my yelling at the top of my voice to wait,  he leaves a note telling me he could not deliver the parcel because I was out and to collect it from the Depot. (see previous law.)

4. I am in all day. I receive  no telephone calls.

5. I  go out and the whole nation suddenly needs to ring me urgently. (same law as delivery parcel law, but not involving a two mile trek in order to retrieve thank goodness thanks to the answer machine.)

5. I have to stay in (usually waiting for a parcel to arrive) and its a fantastically warm sunny day outside with not a cloud in the sky.

6. I have to go out to keep an appointment that can’t be missed. It’s pouring down with rain as soon as I step outside the door. Often accompanied by thunder/lightning/hailstones etc etc.


7. Take my brolly with  me, it doesn’t rain.

8. Leave my brolly at home, it rains.

9. Exit the hairdressers with neatly coiffured hair do, it rains. And of course I don’t have my brolly with me.

10. The window cleaner calls and cleans the windows. It begins to rain as soon as he has gone.

11. I wrap up warmly with thick jumpers etc. The sun comes out and I am boiling.

12. I am in a thin t-shirt and have no coat. It suddenly turns chilly with the result I end up frozen through.

Sony Cybershot

13. I spot a fantastic shot but don’t have my camera with me. (like the day that pigeon went walking into Gregg’s bakers shop.)

14. I have my camera with me but nothing occurs that would make a fantastic shot.

15. I decide to have a sleep during the day because I am feeling so tired/not been sleeping well. As soon as my head hits the pillow and I have just dozed off, the doorbell rings/phone rings, neighbour begins to play loud music/workmen begin digging up the path, someone screams outside, a police helicopter hovers over our roof, etc etc.

16. I am out shopping and don’t have my reading glasses with me meaning I can’t see a thing up close. I decide to buy something from Argos that necessitates needing the order number writing down from the catalogue that is just a blur.

That’s about it. (For now that is!)


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