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A Spectacular Spending Day.


It’s my youngest sons birthday soon. In June. He requested an iPod. I talked him into letting me pay for his eyes testing and some new glasses. You know, buy a pair of designer one’s and get the other pair free?  For £75 plus cost of eye test. I thought that the total amount would be about £100 at the most. So much for thought.

As he works on a Saturday, we planned to meet up in Halifax bus station at 12.30pm.  As always our bus was late arriving. (We either just miss one, they’re late or don’t turn up at all.)  Ten minutes late at our bus stop and from there, things went quickly downhill time wise. And  I hate being late!  It’s usually us who are stood waiting for him!  Traffic was absolute chaos. Everybody and their dog had obviously decided that because it was a scorching hot day, they would spend their time cooking slowly in a closed baking oven known as a car.

Some were lucky in owning cars with open tops but they still must have felt the heat as they inched forward slowly in ever lengthening queues of traffic. There’s roadwork’s in town you see. That didn’t help. Meanwhile we roasted slowly (and I steamed slowly) on the bus. Funny isn’t it how when your bus is running late, every traffic light is at red. Have you ever noticed that?  All the bus windows were wide open.  Not that it made any difference.  As usual the heater was on full blast. You know, that same heater that is never on in Winter.

We finally limped into Halifax at 12.45. No sign of son. Why not give him a ring Mum on your mobile? Can’t, I’ve left it at home.  As usual.  Suddenly he put in an appearance around the corner. He’d gone to cool off somewhere shady.


Dinner in Burger King  then moseyed up to Boots for his eye appointment. Chose the glasses he preferred whilst waiting for the optician. At least it was nice and cool in Boot’s. Funny how all big department stores now have air conditioning. Trouble is, when you go back outside, it makes it feel even hotter than it really is.  Assistant totted up the total. That will be £169 she said casually. Son didn’t blink an eye . Mum nearly passed out in a dead faint but managed to externally appear calm cool and a millionaire.

Coughed up the money (well, wielded the card) and we exited Boots and after a fond farewell and much lighter bank balance, he waltzed off to his friends and we continued onto Tesco’s so that K could completely wipe the account purchasing some food for her tea.  I HAD promised myself a bottle of white wine but after that big spend, I thought better of it and didn’t buy anything at all for myself, promising to live for the next few months on nothing else but bread and water until the bank balance is restored.

The bus journey back was just as stifling. Again, all the windows were open and the heating on. Can’t the bus drivers switch it off? Oh hang on, they must be able to, because its always off in winter!  I had forgotten.


We have to be up very early in the morning. I have a photo shoot planned. A very special one as well for out little town!  The very first train run by Grand Central will be going through our little station to London!  Yes, you heard it right!  After only being re opened ten years ago we will now be able to catch a beautiful express train to London and tomorrow its the first one! At 08.18am.

So, must away for an early night and I must remember to charge that camera battery! I only wish I was boarding instead of just taking pictures. sigh………

4 thoughts on “A Spectacular Spending Day.

  1. I think they have those heaters (the one in the bus) specially made in bulk. Prob’ly have something like a “reverse thermostat” fitted. Cos they seem to have them installed in most of the buses hereabouts as well. And would you believe, I even encountered one in London… height of summer, half-hour bus journey, and I appeared to be sitting right on top of the damn heater that was throwing it out at full blast!

    And I’m now looking forward to seeing loads of train piccies. But ten years late? That’s a bit much even by railway standards isn’t it?

    • Not the train ten years late! The train station was only re opened ten years ago! Hmm.think someone else needs and eye test and some new glasses!

  2. Not the train silly,the station has only been open ten years! (well reopened to be exact.) Hmm, seems like someone else I know needs an eye test and some new glasses.

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