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What a Day!

Talk about a hectic day, I’ve had one today. Well, maybe not all day. This morning actually. Up with the crack of dawn which is actually no problem for this lousy sleeper.  Soon as the first bird tweets outside and the dawn chorus begins, I’m wide awake. Trouble with that is despite going to bed early (because I needed to be up early) I couldn’t get to sleep because my windows were open and one of the next door neighbours must have been watching something hysterically funny on the telly because she was laughing her head off. Very loudly. So I just lay there listening to her guffawing away. 


So, up at the crack of dawn feeling less like setting off for a photo shoot than jumping over the moon.  Showered, got K up, she showered, we both dressed in some cool clothes, quick breakfast at 7.30 (or I would faint, can’t go without my breakfast) out the door both complete with fully charged up cameras. I thought we had plenty of time, so I stopped a few times on the way down to take a few shots of some bluebells. Big mistake! We spent the rest of the walk into town practically at jogging  pace much to my daughters annoyance.

It’s a fair walk  to the other side of town our little train station. Yes, that was our destination. To take some shots of the very first train to London to pick up from our little station for 30 years!  It’s only been ten years since it reopened. We arrived with about ten minutes to spare. K promptly plonked herself down on one of the benches to catch her breath and cool down, whilst I paced the platform deciding whereabouts was the best position to stand in order to catch the trains arrival.

I was quite surprised that there were only a few others waiting to take photos of this momentous occasion. I honestly thought that the whole town (well at least those who are as train barmy as I am) would be there.  I ended up standing at the furthest end as I wanted to get a picture of the front unit as it pulled in. Hmm. Wonder how long the full train is going to be, I thought to myself. Whenever we go on one of the Green Express Railtours from here, the  train is so long that it can only get a few of the twelve to fourteen carriages opposite the platform.

Looking good! First train to London arrives.

We all heard a horn sound and it came around the bend.  Right on time!  As usual, everyone else standing  on the platform had to lean out to see it arrive, with the result that all you get in your shots are people’s backs at an odd angles as they lean out in order to get a good view. I managed to get the train approaching me, but somehow managed to not press the shutter button down hard enough as it came right up close and therefore I missed the very shot I was there for!  Drat! Thank goodness for my lovely daughter then, snapping away behind me who did get a perfect shot close up as it came to a stop. Never mind that it includes my elbow, bless her!

The Train now arriving

Had a natter with the driver who was kind enough to pose for a photo for all of us, then as one of the crew blew the whistle, waved the flag, rang the buzzer or whatever they do on these trains,  he went back inside, sat down inside the cab and gave us all a cheery wave as the train slowly pulled away.  I took some pictures as it disappeared from view around the far corner. Sigh. How I wished I was on that train!  We can’t go on it yet because I am going up to see my eldest son and his family soon, and I’m not rolling in tons of money unfortunately.  But its in the long term plans for us two intrepid adventurers  after my return.

Other photos taken of this momentous occasion in the right hand sidebar as per usual.

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2 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. Ah, that standing well back business… I know it well. Its exactly the same mistake I made first time I shot a protest march. Thinks I: “I’ll stand well back and get some really good shots of all the marchers”. What I actually ended up with was loads of shots of photographers’ backs. Photogs much more savvy than I needless to say. Pooh.
    Learned the lesson though and nowadays I try to get as close as possible with a wide-angle lens and sort of “run backwards” in synch with the oncoming marchers… a technique fraught with hazard though unless someone’s watching your back for you. And definitely not one I’d recommend on a railway platform!

    Right… off over to Flickr now 😉

    • What? This old codger run backwards? Whilst taking shots? I’d be lucky to last a day doing that! No. My able camera assistant who acts as a sort of ‘Mum backup because I know she’ll make a mess of it’ does a fine job of shooting the very shot that I was supposed to take. And that’s despite the fact she has poor eyesight. Can’t see much further than two feet away, yet she manages to put me to shame. This isn’t the first time that I have missed that must have shot and she has captured it. I intend to buy her a new camera. She need an ‘anti shake’ one cos’ she tends to move the camera as she presses the shutter button down. So I’ll miss out on the running backwards thank you and rely on my assistant.

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