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Funerals,lilac and watches, oh my!

Been a funny sort of  day today. Not one of your ordinary days. K had a funeral to go to. She’s a born actress and so as soon as she was dressed from head to foot in black attire including a hat, her sober straight faced look was immediately evident. Hands clasped at the front of her black coat, she looked every inch the funeral director. See, she ‘gets’ into character depending on what she is taking part in. Yesterday she had art class. So she was dressed in a sort of huge baggy shirt depicting an artist. All she was missing was the black beret plonked on top of her head.

I got through my housework, there wasn’t  much to do today, just some tidying around, then moseyed down to town complete with camera at the ready in my pocket. Not that that was the object of the walk. Oh no! Firstly for some strange reason, I am piling weight on. (again!) So a brisk walk down to town and back again might, just might help. Or just do me in, one of the two. Secondly I needed a new watch. I like men’s watches. (told you I was a strange woman didn’t I?)

I have never liked those little tiny watches made for women. I like a nice big face complete with huge big numbers that my rubbish eyesight can see without needing a magnifying glass. (or having to take my reading glasses with me all the time, which knowing me would end up getting lost.) I had seen one I liked in the jewellers down town, so that was my goal. Might as well take some photos I thought on the way down.

Soft focus on purple lilacAnd for all those who were fed up to the back teeth of seeing my blossom shots, you will be happy to know there isn’t a blossom in sight! Well, only one. See, they are dying off now to be replaced by yet another favourite of mine, lilac. I love lilac. Maybe even more than I love blossom. It’s the perfume you see. Every shot I took this morning was heaven! Especially those up close.

I don’t have a favourite colour in lilac. I like them all. I took a shot of every lilac tree in every garden on my walk down. Some further away, some up close. Some of other gorgeous colours I saw as well. Laburnum in someone’s garden. Love that yellow. Arrived at the jewellers, bought a watch and then walked back home. I was tempted to tin out on the walk back home because my back was killing me, but I gritted my teeth and soldiered on. ‘Shall I get myself a Chicken Caesar salad for my dinner?’ I mused to myself. I was after all just a stones throw from MickyD’s.

Went in, saw the queue of families, business types, every man and his dog, and promptly left again. Hmm. Looked at new watch on wrist. 12.30pm. Ahh, no wonder its packed!  I’ll go home and rustle something up instead. So I did.

My new watch up close

Enjoy the photos in the sidebar on the right! (Well perhaps not the one’s of K looking like she’s lost a quid and found sixpence, but maybe all the rest.)



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2 thoughts on “Funerals,lilac and watches, oh my!

  1. I really like what you’ve done with your blog.
    I found you from your response to the “Wider Themes” forum.
    Your pics and how you use them are great too.
    We visited a friend in Huddersfield so it was interesting reading about your train trip there.

    • Thank you Ian. if you like how my blog is set out (pics, formatting etc) its because I use Windows Live Writer to compose them. Its a desktop blogging editor and works fully with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc. Makes blogging and making your posts look attractive and well laid out, a piece of cake.

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