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A Wasted Day.

Yesterday I had one of those days. You know the sort I mean. Where shortly into it, you wish you had stayed in bed. You see, Boots had rung to say that my son’s glasses were ready for collection so I mistakenly thought that I would have to go with him. Why? Because I had paid for them and had the receipt. We made arrangements via mobile to meet at the same place as last week and at the same time. 12.30pm outside the paper shop in the bus station.

RainAs before, our bus was late. Five minutes this time but as it was raining cats and dogs, it seemed  like an hour. Or two. Good job then that on taking our seats I realised that the driver had inadvertently left the heaters switched on. Hmm, good chance we might have dried out by the time we reach Halifax I thought to myself. Traffic wasn’t as bad either. Still the road works going on near the train station (no sign of any workmen though) We limped into Halifax roughly ten minutes late.

MMNo sign of son. Not a peep. What to do?  Go on to Boots and see if he’s sat waiting in there for us?  Ring him on my mobile phone?  Oh, wait a minute, I’ve left it at home! Again! Déjà Vu . Do I ever learn?  Obviously not. Splashed our way onto Boots, narrowly getting our heads knocked off by other peoples brollies. Or our eyes poked out.  Asked the assistants in the Optician area if he had been in to collect his glasses. No. Walked back to the bus station. Waited some more. Have you noticed how when your waiting for someone, other people give you strange looks?  As if your up to no good? 

Finally getting cheesed off at 1.00pm we decided to mosey on down to Burger King and get something to eat. The usual actually. K loves that Angry Whopper. Probably reflected the look on my face. Back up to Boots.


“ He’s been in and picked up his glasses!” the assistants informed me and K. “ We told him you had been in looking for him!” Oh good!  How nice I thought, so there was really no need whatsoever for us to get soaking wet through hanging  around a dismal bus station like two wet blankets getting queer looks from just about everyone who passed us by. When I eventually arrived back home my mobile was sounding off. It was him of course.

“I was late Mum, got there about 1. 05pm. I must have just missed you and why didn’t you have your mobile phone with you, that’s twice now Mum!” No answer to that is there?

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