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Another walk along the Canal.

A narrowboat on the Canal

On Saturday, we went on yet another walk along the canal.  This walk had originally been planned to begin in Wellholme Park but as the Gala was to take place there it had to be changed at the last minute. We met up in the bus station and once everyone had arrived, we all piled into the cars for the short journey to where we were to begin the walk.

This route is not as picturesque as walking along the canal in the other direction in my opinion.  On one side you are flanked by the busy road and on the other, the railway.  This walk also takes you under the M62 so there is a constant drone all the time in the background of the traffic passing along this very busy motorway. The path is not as good either, being neither tarmacced  or even in nature, in fact in some areas it was necessary to really watch your step or end up having a forced swim in the canal!

DSC00802 DSC00803

The path was not well looked after at all, and rather than being wide enough for walkers and cyclists to navigate as most canal towpaths usually are, this was narrow and overgrown with weeds, nettles and assorted obstacles meaning I had to assist K practically all the way in order to make any headway at all.  Someone had recently made some effort at cutting down some of the plants from the edge of the walk, but it still made the whole experience rather tedious at best.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, I did manage to snap some pictures of the wild flowers growing at the side of the path, including some foxgloves. You’ll also spot some snaps of K disappearing into what you could be forgiven for mistaking for a jungle as well.  She was none too impressed by this walk I can tell you, and even the thought of a meal at the end of it,  I can’t see me persuading a repeat performance of this walk any time soon!


I was glad when it was decided to turn around and make our way back to the cars to be honest.  I had a few stings on my legs from the nettles at the side of the path, and wished that they had  decided to walk in  the other direction instead.  It’s definitely not as attractive a walk, there are no woods lining the side of the canal and no pretty little lockkeepers cottages to admire along the way. We were lucky with one aspect though. It had given out on the weather forecast that we were to experience a storm but it didn’t actually materialise until much later on in the evening.

They are all going on another narrowboat ride sometime in July and K and I will have to decide whether or not we intend to go as well. We did enjoy the last one though, its such a peaceful experience riding along the canal on a narrowboat and I can well understand why some people decide to live on one.

The Ship Inn

Once back in town, we made our way to the Ship Inn for lunch. It’s a different Chef now and my favourite salad was no longer on the menu unfortunately, so I had a Tuna Salad instead. It was nice, but not as nice as the Chicken Salad I have enjoyed there previously.   We all parted company outside as the others were going to the Gala, but K and I wanted to return home.  I never used to miss the Gala when my children were young, but K and I were both tired. The thought of traipsing around the Gala field filled us with dread!

In fact we both had a sleep when we arrived back. The sun? The walk? The wine? The meal? Old age?  In my case a little bit of all of those I think! Enjoy my Photo Album won’t you?


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6 thoughts on “Another walk along the Canal.

  1. Lovely pics as usual, and such a sense of being there with you that my legs started to itch!!
    Now come clean …. how did you get the reflection on The Ship Inn picture???? I do like that effect … especially with that type of picture.

  2. You already know the answer to that one Tricia! Live Writer what else? Do you want me to do some how to’s about how to configure and create your blog on here or have you got it all sussed?
    I would of course do them on my other ‘serious’ techy blog not here. Here is for fun, and my days adventures (or not!)

  3. As always your photos are beautiful and charming. You have a real eye, T.G. Wish I could have been there with you but your post more than makes up for my not accompanying you:)

    • Thank you Penny, you are too kind. I love to be able to illustrate my blogs with descriptive photos, it helps enormously to allow your readers to ‘be there’ with you in my opinion.
      Just using only text is boring and tiring to read.

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