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The Shower Saga.


I’ve only just realised that because I have been so occupied with the tale of my recent visit to Scotland, I have missed telling the sorry debacle that we recently experienced concerning our shower. What a farce that turned out to be! I came very close  to losing it completely and it was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to return home from Scotland.

It all began the week I was due to begin my visit to Scotland on the Friday. K and I always shower first thing in the morning and that Wednesday morning was no exception. I showered first and was in the cubicle a little longer than normal as I needed to wash my hair. K followed shortly after. I had just got dressed and done my hair when  the bell rang. “Who the heck’s this?” I thought to myself. It turned out to be the guy who lives in the flat below us.

“There’s water dripping from my light fitting! “ he said. “I have had to switch my electric off at the box!” Gulp!  I immediately rang the repair line and she made it an emergency call out for a plumber to come out to our flat and an electrician to the neighbours flat below. In our case it turned out to be the A team, named by us because there are two of them, a plumber and his apprentice, and they came recently to fit us with a new shower. I told them that I had reported the shower leaking ages ago and showed them where I thought it was leaking  from. On investigating, they saw noted that some of the tiles were loose behind the shower and that this was probably where the water was penetrating and leaking down behind the tiles.

“ We will need to come back tomorrow, its going to be a long job love. At least two days. We need to take those tiles off to see the back wall, and we’d better check under the shower tray as well! Might as well do the job properly!” the plumber announced to me. Hmm. How were we to wash? We only have the shower! 

“We’ll put some plastic sheeting all around the shower walls to make a temporary waterproof lining so that you can both shower for now, we will be back tomorrow morning first thing!”


True to their word, bang on 8.00am they arrived. They began work after I had made them both a cup of tea. The shower cubicle sides were dismantled ( I  had already emptied the bathroom of everything I could so that they could ‘crack on with it’ ) then they began to remove the tiles behind the shower. And that’s when things began to rapidly go downhill. The whole wall behind those tiles was soaking wet through. It all needed replacing he informed me. In the process of taking the tiles off, he had also broke three of them.

“ We need to go and find some more of these tiles so that we can replace the three that broke.” he informed me.  He was pretty certain that some might be found in such and such a place or if not his boss might know where there was some.  They left with the assurance that they wouldn’t be long. The hours passed by. They returned.

‘Bad news I’m afraid.” I was told when they finally showed their faces. “ The firm where Lovell’s bought those tiles from has gone bust!  We can’t get anymore of them anywhere so the whole bathroom is going to have to be retiled and we’re off on holiday next week!”  Luckily by this time I had seen K  safely off  to respite where she would be able to at least enjoy having a bath and I was due to depart for Scotland the following  morning. I spoke on the plumbers mobile phone to the plumbing boss.

“The contractor will contact you about when to arrive to do the work’” he said stating their name so that I would know who they were. I reminded  him that I wouldn’t be back until the Wednesday of next week. The contractors eventually rang me in the late afternoon. “ Can we come on Wednesday?” the lady asked me on the phone. I told her it would have to be Thursday as I wasn’t due to return until late Wednesday afternoon. The bathroom in the mean time looked as if a bomb had hit it. No shower, the cubicle sides placed leaning against the wall, all my bathroom paraphernalia spread around the lounge (only place where we had room for it!) I could have wept.

Could it get any worse?  Well actually yes it could because as I stepped into the bathroom later on, my foot sank down into the floor! What the?  The floorboards must be rotted through as well!  Cripes!  What do I do?  Well, I was going to have to leave it all now, it was too late to ring the emergency repairs anyway.  I had to go to Scotland tomorrow, and so the next morning I switched the water off under the sink to be on the safe side and left it all behind.  It would all have to wait until my return next week.




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3 thoughts on “The Shower Saga.

  1. No Mike. Wash at the sink was the order of the day! I will be continuing the saga today sometime. It’s all fixed now though. This is a total nightmare recall! LOL

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