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The Shower Saga. Part two.


During my stay with my son and his family up in Scotland, the sorry saga of the shower was easily forgotten.  Of course, it was back to reality on my return on the Wednesday.  On the Thursday morning two men arrived at 8.00am, again a plumber and his mate. I showed him the depression in the floor by the door.

“Hmm. Looks like its rotted your floorboards love.” (we all call each other love in Yorkshire!)  “We’ll be taking the shower tray up anyway as we need to do the job right, so we’ll see how bad it all is underneath then!” 

“We can’t get you any tiles like these either, it’ll be plain white ones, and I’ll have to take your vanity unit out to tile behind there! Just give us a shout if you need to use the toilet won’t you, and we’ll make ourselves scarce for ten minutes! Oh and this door will have to come off!”


Geez! What next?  He informed me it would be at least two days of a job, maybe going into next week, but he would rather take his time and do the job right than rush it. They began by taking the bathroom door off, then the shower tray came up and proved to be full of water, he showed me where the water had been getting in through a crack in the seal around the edges. Cloths were placed everywhere on the bathroom floor to mop up the water and they had thoughtfully placed a dust sheet over the carpet in the hall.

I honestly think  I was in some kind of shock.  How long had this been going on? Visions of the shower tray becoming heavier and heavier as it filled with water then prompted ghastly visions of either K or myself stepping into the shower one morning, hearing a loud crack as one of us disappeared down ( rather in the fashion of a lift) into the downstairs flat bathroom below!  The old guy living below us would have had a shock!  Two more days at least of washing at the sink!  Two more days of bathroom clutter piled up in the lounge!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was like being in some sort of ongoing nightmare.


K arrived back home from respite in the afternoon. I had told her on her mobile to have a  bath before returning home.  We busied ourselves unpacking her case and then getting her washing done. Fair enough, they worked all day until 5.00pm. Before leaving, he connected the vanity unit up again so that we could at least get washed at the sink.  He had replaced the floorboards that were rotten and redone the back wall.  The bathroom looked such a mess. All those lovely blue tiles were now gone.  I could have wept. K as always seemed to be enjoying the whole sorry saga as every time she walked past the bathroom edifice (for there was no door there) she kept saying to them “Alright guys?” which began to grate on my already frazzled nerves a little.

“We’ll be back first thing in the morning! “ he assured me as they left.  “We’ll do our best to get it finished tomorrow if we can, but I can’t promise anything! I don’t want to rush it, I want to do it right!”  Hmm. Well yes. But it was us who were having to ‘rough’ it!   I did agree with him though, I did want the job doing right, we did not want a repeat performance of this sorry saga ever occurring again, at least not as long as we were residing there. 


The morning after, they duly arrived bang on 8.00am and began to graft away. They had to go out for some more tiles and a new shower tray half way through the day.  Some of the tiles were in place behind the vanity unit but I was a little annoyed when they packed up and went home at 3.00pm that afternoon. (The England match was on.)  He assured me he would finish the job definitely on the Monday, and again reconnected the vanity unit so that we could get a strip wash at the sink over the weekend.  Sigh.

I honestly think I was numb to all of the devastation by this time. What good would it do for me to get in a state? Look at K!  She seemed to be viewing the whole thing as some sort of grand adventure and was relishing having two guys in the flat to flirt with! (hussy!)  On the Monday he returned by himself, telling me that there had been a huge fire over Halifax way, so loads of them had been sent there to deal with that. He only had the tiling to finish and the shower cubicle to put back and assured me  he could easily manage the rest that needed doing himself. K had gone to day care seeing as it was Monday, and I kept my mind off things by doing some washing and ironing.

Shower cubicle stitch

True to his word, he completed the tiling and the shower cubicle but asked that we wait another day before showering to give everything a chance to set and dry out.  I signed his chitty and then waved him goodbye as he left.  Thank goodness it was all over!  Okay, we would have to wait until tomorrow to have a shower, but at least it was all finished! I could move everything back into the bathroom at last!  It did set me wondering though how we all take our modern lifestyle for granted. After all, its not all that long ago that everyone had to wash using just a jug and a bowl of water.

There were no baths or showers in those days and the toilet was an outside walk down to either the end of the garden or the back yard. Its true that today we take things for granted and we don’t realise how lucky we all are.  I’m just glad that we have the shower back now and just hope it remains watertight for ever.


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12 thoughts on “The Shower Saga. Part two.

  1. Yes Tricia she does. Nothing seems to faze her at all. Its her nature I suppose to be able to make the best of things. And the flirting! She was in her element having two guys in our pokey little flat!
    She kept going past the bathroom I think just so that she could speak to them, (the apprentice one was quite young!)

  2. Good for her, we could all a leaf rom her book … Still, I’m glad for your sake that all is now back to normal … even though you have lost the blue tiles ….

    I can just imagine the surprise on the face of the man downstairs if you had descended into his bathroom ….. scary what goes on out of sight ….

  3. Heh heh. That image of the “shower tray lift” had me giggling uncontrollably for ages. Pleased for you that its all back together again now.

    And you’re right about the things we take for granted. Where I’m living the boiler has this habit of packing up entirely every two or three years or so, requiring complete replacement. This has been going on ever since I’ve been here… about 11/12 years now! Generally takes the landlord a couple of days to get around to replacing it (fortunately he’s a mate of mine, else it’d likely take longer!) but even so its a real pain being without hot water for that period. And it usually happens in winter, so no central heating either.

    Inevitably it always causes me to remember when I was a kid. We lived in the New Forest and the house we had was without gas, electricity, or running water. Not even a proper loo but one of those Elsan affairs!
    The “general purpose” water we’d get from a water butt (collected rain water) or a well in the garden, and drinking water was delivered to us in churns.
    Yet we thought nothing of any of it… just accepted it and carried on regardless.

    Guess we’re all less hardy nowadays, and have become somewhat spoiled. Not sure that’s an entirely good thing.

    • I agree Mike, I am not sure its a good thing either! Despite all these ‘comforts’t that we now take for granted, we seem to moan and groan about everything far more than our poor ancestors would have done who didn’t have any of it and had to put up with the hardship of yesteryear.

  4. At least when you are living in rented accommodation the landlord has responsibility for major repairs like this. Imagine having to pay for it all! It doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

    • Tell me about it Christine! Its why after my ex husband left, I couldn’t afford to keep our previous house and luckily a housing association took it over and I and the children remained living there but as tenants.
      Repairs are always a costly addition to owning your own home that many forget to add to the equation of ownership.

  5. Love the story! My son is a bathroom fitter and tiler (also kitchens) and he’s doing my bathroom for free, trouble is he lives in Somerset, I live in Essex, I do have a brand new Shower bath and loo, that went in just after Christmas – still waiting for new Vanity unit and tiling…….. and he’s just had a baby! I should get it done sometime this year …. I hope!

    • Wow Mandy! Is he the first male to give birth? LOL Only kidding. What ‘s annoyed me is this, the housing association did NOT come to inspect the work, and already there’s a tile loose. Luckily its one that he’s put on the lower part of the tray surround but even so, what is it with workmen these days? If I were a plumber or some other tradesman, I would make sure my work was 100% whether it was a private job or one for a housing association.
      They just don’t seem to take any pride in their workmanship any more.
      Congratulations on becoming a Granma Mandy! MandyGran, now that’s a name you should use on the Internet! 😉

  6. LOL ……. No second, one of my other sons had a baby too!

    Trouble with jobs like yours is, it’s done on CHEAPEST quote, and you/they get what you/they pay for – I guess the footie was more interesting than doing a good job! Get that tile fixed quick …. water seeps in very quickly, and will blow the surrounding ones.

    MandyGran …. lol, I have 3 older Step grandsons, (15 – 24 years) my son was married to an older woman with grown up children, I refused to let them call me Granny, made me feel ancient, so they devised a name for me – Nandy, they still call me that too!

    • Nandy that’s a nice name. I don’t mind being called Gran or Granny, I’m sort of proud of it. After all, its part of my persona on the Internet anyway. I do hope that you consider setting up a blog on here Mandy, Dave has one. There are some really nice themes on here now as well.
      You’ll love the Dashboard.

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