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One of those days………

I’ve had one of those days today. Again. But I intend to end it all on a positive note by being generous and creative by sharing some of my all time favourite shots in a Windows 7 theme that I will share with everyone. Not that I think my photos I take are good enough, but some aren’t all that bad.  I might call it TG’s summer theme. I need to do something worthwhile to end my horrible day!


K’s busy talking to herself in the kitchen as she waits for the microwave to finish warming her ghastly smelling Chicken Tikka. Someone’s banging away at something outside. The sun is shining. Someone’s laughing. Those two annoying  boys who were cycling around the front of our block of flats screaming at each other at the top of their voices have thankfully disappeared (hopefully after falling off their bikes and breaking something, preferably involving their mouths) and I have only just realised today that I haven’t watched ONE match this year from Wimbledon. That’s a first!  All in glorious HD as well! I ought to be ashamed of myself.

I will  make the effort to watch the men’s final tomorrow, preferably with some strawberries and a glass of champagne in my hand. ( We don’t do things by halves K and I, its the whole hog or nothing at all!)  Mind you, my conscience will no doubt be pricking at me. I will probably by thinking to myself, you cheat you! You haven’t watched one match until today!

I do hope that your day has been far better than mine.


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7 thoughts on “One of those days………

  1. Oh dear. We all have them. Commiserations.

    But strawberries and champagne tomorrow eh? That’ll be something to look forward to. Though wherever strawberries are concerned I absolutely have to have mine with cream as well! My mouth’s watering just thinking about it in fact.

    hopefully after falling off their bikes and breaking something, preferably involving their mouths

    Heh heh. Love it!

    • I’m sure that boys never used to scream in my younger days like they seem to do today! The’re worse than the girls! It was so loud, that despite the heat, I shut the windows. Trouble is Mike that once your day begins like mine did today, it just seems to be all downhill from then on, and therefore everything grates. Sorry to be so moany/groany. I shall make up for it tomorrow as its Nadal in the final and I like him. Mind you, I might end up worse for wear as K can’t drink because she is taking some very strong antibiotics at the moment. (he he!)

    • I know and I shall. Shopping in the morning and to avoid the crowds of other shoppers that now seem to have decided that the only time to shop is a Sunday morning, K and I will be up with the proverbial larks and off to knock the door down at 9.30am!

  2. By now I hope that everything is looking better … but maybe I should check first to see how Nadal is doing !!!!! Loathe days like that .. I could definitely turn into a child beater when they seem unable to play without screeching!! Gggrrrrr!

    • Nadal is doing fine and my ball girl (aka K) brought me a glass or two of wine, a bowlful of strawberries covered in low fat cream (LOL) so that I could enjoy the whole tennis final bless her! (she is after lot’s of stuff for her birthday, but I wouldn’t possibly infer that is the reason behind all this Mum attention!) 😉

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