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The Strange case of the Black Toe.

I do hope that none of you are eating whilst reading this blog. If so, you had better not read the rest of it until you have finished and it has all been thoroughly digested. You see, it includes some horrible pictures of one of my feet. Yes, thankfully you don’t have to suffer the sight of both of them.  I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Besides which I would then loose the only two readers I have.  I can just imagine that you are all wondering why I am featuring some pictures of one of my feet?  Have I finally flipped? Did I drop my camera whilst snapping something fantastic and it took a snap of my foot as it fell to the floor? 

No. Its because I have acquired a black toe! I first noticed it yesterday after watching the tennis. That’s strange I thought, my toe is looking a funny colour!  I examined it closely.  I thought at first it was some black dye or something and began to try and rub it off. Ouch! It was tender and sore!  What the?  My middle toe was bruised! How on earth did that happen?  Then I remembered.  As I was trying vainly to serve up the dinner, I was hampered by K who was plonked in the kitchen listening to her latest CD collection with her ‘Mickey Mouse’ ear phones on. 


Our kitchen is very narrow. If one of us in in there the other has to pass them sideways like the proverbial crab. To make matters worse, its not as if either of us is particularly slim in build.  Added to that, when K is listening to her music she does tend to ‘loll’ about over the worktop. As I recall, as I went past her trying vainly to reach the sink in order to drain the vegetables, I ‘stubbed’ my foot against the heel of her foot.  I remembered the incident  because I politely requested (cough) that she move her butt elsewhere whist I got on with sorting out the dinner and I do now recall that it really did hurt at the time. 

Truth be told,  we can’t both be in the kitchen at the same time. Its only narrow like a ‘galley’ kitchen. There is only room for one person in there especially when you are preparing meals. She always seems to choose the most inopportune moments to decide to use the CD player and dance about to her music.  Because she prefers to use those huge Mickey Mouse earphones to listen to it  she can’t  hear a thing either, though the whole estate can hear her and her efforts at singing along. Surprised smile


So there you are! The sad story of my black toe. You may also note as you gaze in horror, the terrible state of the rest  of my foot.  Its sad but true, we all tend to neglect our feet. They are the most widely used and abused part of our bodies, but because they are way down at the other end we all tend to forget they exist until they begin to hurt or complain of misuse. My bunion is courtesy of those pointed toed shoes with the four inch heels that I used to squeeze my poor feet into when young and foolish,  my eczema is courtesy the warmer weather and my summer sandals, and the black and blue middle toe is courtesy of my lovely daughter.


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10 thoughts on “The Strange case of the Black Toe.

  1. So I could have simply shown a photo of your foot instead aeillia! I feel better now that I know I’m not the only one who has tended to forget her feet are there. 😉

      • Vertical white lines? Vertical white lines? Hmm. Sounds to me like your big toenail needs tuning in. Try getting a stronger aerial. That should correct it.

  2. Ouch!! Are you sure it’s not broken?? It looks very painful. My feet also get sadly neglected, though I’ve just spent an hour paddling in the lake and sitting on a rock … talking the opportunity to simply slough off old skin!!! What I really would love is a pedicure …. my feet are now just too far away and too difficult to really get at ……

    • No Tricia it isn’t broken because I can move it about (painfully!) I am the same I can ‘t reach down now to do much with my feet, I have to rely on K to give me a foot massage, which she is pretty good at I must say! She loves horses by the way Tricia and has begun having riding lessons on a Wednesday so she might offer to come over and massage yours for you.

  3. So what you’re really saying is you kicked her and are now suffering the consequences! If you ask me that sounds reasonably fair 😉

    Amazing how anything to do with the feet (stubbed toes or whatever) always seems to hurt much more than you’d expect though.

  4. I went to see my doctor because my left foot suddenly started giving me a lot of trouble a couple of years ago. He took a close look and said “When did you break your big toe?” I told him I didn’t know I had and he said not only was it broken some time in the past but it healed improperly and was now arthritic. He offered to break it again and set it properly but I looked down at the body brace I was wearing after lumbar spine surgery and decided to forgo any more medical treatment, at least until I would actually see my feet again.

    • Wow Roketman! And you didn’t know it was broken! My eldest son who used to play rugby at school was having a lot of pain in his ankle when older. On having it looked at and xrayed it all turned out that some time in the past he had fractured it.


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