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There’s hope for me yet!

It’s ended up being a day full of incidents today that have left me thinking that maybe my lousy memory isn’t that bad after all. Yes folks, I have actually found out that there are at least two people who are as dippy or even dippier than I am!

Today began as usual with me waking at 4.30am (sigh) and so not being able to go back to sleep, I busied myself writing one of my blogs.  I  had breakfast (K was still fast asleep) showered and dressed, faffed about trying to style my hair although that turned out to be a waste of time, with K finally emerging from her bedroom at about 9.45am. We both killed some time doing nothing in particular and finally set off at 11.00am for exercise class. It wasn’t too hot walking down, it turned out to be  quite an enjoyable walk as a matter of fact. My camera was in my bag as usual, but for some reason I didn’t bother taking any photos during the journey down.  When we arrived, the previous exercise class was just ending and all the participants were sauntering out the door.


“It’s warm in there!” some remarked. Our class has its own instructor and she had already arrived and was getting ready to begin the class. The previous instructor suddenly began to panic.  She had lost her mobile. Couldn’t find it anywhere. She asked one of the members to lend her their mobile and she went outside to try and call her own mobile hoping that she would be able to hear it ring and thereby locate it. No joy.  She left.  We began our class.  Fair enough it was warm in the hall and there were two fans placed at either end blowing out cold air.

I fully expected to be jiggered to be honest with you, as owning to the fracas with the shower plus my visit up to Scotland, we have both missed attending some classes.  I felt okay though. Used the equipment, began to do our cooling down when we were interrupted by a mobile phone going off somewhere in the room.  It was coming from a blue coat hung over the trainers chair by the desk.

Our trainer went to investigate. Yes readers, you’ve guessed it! It was the other trainers mobile! She had arrived with a coat and the missing mobile was in the pocket. Our trainer contacted their office to let her know where it was and then handed it into the Education Centre office.  Strange though that when she was ringing her mobile with the  members mobile earlier, none of us heard it ringing. (mind you, we’re all a bit gaga so maybe that’s why.)

Discarded Shoes.

Had some dinner in Tesco’s, did our shopping (well K did the shopping and I shadowed her) then we made our way slowly towards the bus station.  I say slowly because as usual we had just missed a bus. I took the opportunity to take some photos of various things that caught my eye, some trainers that looked new lying haphazardly in an alleyway between two shops, various shop windows, one with a pink clad torso taking centre stage and then finally we moseyed up to the bus station.  Just for fun (and partly because a lot of my moaning posts are about our bus service) I took a photo of a sign that greets you as you reach the top of the street to the bus station.  It read ‘DANGER Beware of Buses.’

Buses warning.

Our bus arrived early and THAT should have warned me that something untoward was about to occur.  Our bus NEVER arrives early. We boarded and K showed her bus pass. The driver handed her the tickets.  We did our usual and waltzed down to the higher seats at the back.  Suddenly the bus driver emerged from his cab area and came down the aisle asking to see some of the passengers tickets and promptly took them from us!  What the?  No explanation, nothing! So some of us were now ticketless.  Another passenger ventured the suggestion that the tickets he had given out  when we boarded the bus were the wrong sort. Huh? 

Ignored the warning.

Just hope an inspector doesn’t get on I thought to myself.  Luckily we arrived home unscathed and uninspected.  We’re off for some new t-shirts tomorrow, (K’s idea as she is convinced that her current collection of 100 t-shirts isn’t sufficient for her needs.) She has also been eyeing up a new camera for herself that I have promised to buy her for her birthday. She needs one with ‘anti-shake’ built in as she tends to always move the camera when she presses the shutter. Mind you, what am I saying? At least she manages to press the shutter and take the shot!


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16 thoughts on “There’s hope for me yet!

  1. Lady I have to admire you. I did enjoy reading your blog I thought it was quite refreshing. Serve you right, I said to myself as I went back up to the top to see what this had to do with my area. then I said oh!!!! Trainers.
    Trainers of a different kind.
    Thanks for the laugh. hope all goes well tomorrow.

  2. Quite a detailed account on daily life there.

    Didn’t expect the coat though. I thought she dropped it somewhere.

    By the way, anti-shake won’t help much if she expect the picture to be finished in the instant she pressed the button. At least keep her hand still for a second after pressing, especially in darker places.

    • Thanks Seika. I thought anti-shake or whatever its referred to put paid to a person who tends to move the camera as they take a photo stopped the photo from being blurred? Or have I misunderstood all the blurb?

      • Not quite. We usually can’t keep our hand perfectly still for too long, there’s always small shaking. Try holding hand still and watch, it will move a bit. Anti-shake is made for that. Imagine the eyeball moving to keep looking straight on something.

        But moving the camera in long distance while it still recording is like what they call panning. There’s no way some small stabilizer system can dampen that. It’s like turning our head to another direction.

    • Training? Oh you mean exercise class Penny! Well, yes, its in my best interests to do so. Seems I have unfortunately inherited my mothers genes which are of the ilk that if you don’t keep exercising, walking, moving about, you’ll have heart attacks or related problems. For me, there can be no lounging about I’m afraid, and as soon as our new swimming pool is completed (in October) we shall also be off swimming every week as well. (which reminds this blogger, I haven’t done a post lately about that progress have I? Hmm, must consider an update for anyone who is interested.

  3. I’m very wary of buses …… a double decker actually parked on my foot when I was about 12. The driver leaned out of the cab, apologised and asked which way he should go, backwards or forwards – I think I made the wrong decision ….. don’t worry …… I’m fine now ……

  4. Lovely read TG, and got my exercise going … with a good laugh this morning!!

    It’s difficult not to move the camera when pressing the button, but there are attachments that enable you to take the photo by pressing a button on a little extension cable … that might help … or a unipod to rest the camera on …. I’m getting one of those for my videoing of the horses, as it is so difficult to keep steady when switching on and off …. reminds me of when I started to drive a car and would swerve every time I changed gear …. oh dear … tell K she’s not the only one who can’t keep steady ….

    I love the shot of the trainers …. they tell quite a story … at least hint to a mystery … how? why? whose?

    Have a good day ..

    • I’ll let her know Tricia. Yes. Those trainers. And you know my imagination! (which can err on the morbid side seeing as I read so many murder mystery’s) Did they belong to a body that had been dragged away trainerless?

      Had a tramp slept there, woke up and forgot to put them back on? (bit far fetched that one, seeing as a tramp probably wouldn’t be able to afford them) Were they stolen and then in a sudden fit of panic the thief had thrown them in the alley?

      My imagination went into overdrive as usual.

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