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Should I be worried?

Those of you who have followed my blogs elsewhere will no doubt be well aware that my daughter has one main interest that overrides anything else in her life.  Eating.  Practically the whole  of her conversation each day revolves around the subject of food.  I have come to believe that she only bothered to learn to write so that she could compose shopping lists consisting of nothing else but food for her to consume. At breakfast she discusses what she’s having for dinner. At dinnertime she talks about what she’s having for tea or even what she intends to have for her meals tomorrow.  And the day after.  As far as she is concerned, miss just one meal and you will keel over and die.


Which goes somewhat to explaining why this mother sincerely hopes that she is never EVER marooned on a desert island with her where there is nothing to eat. This post is prompted by an incident that occurred yesterday when we returned home from exercise class. My back was aching. She offered to give me a back massage with some emollient to ease the pain.  I was told to lay down on the bed.  She began the massage with the cream.  It did help and I nodded off for a short while.  Below is a photo of what she did whilst I was asleep. What do you think?  Am I safe?  Should I be worried at all?  Do I need to start panicking ?

Should I be worried?

If my blogs suddenly come to an end dear readers,  expect the worst!


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17 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

  1. Did she go to search for food?

    What is her weight? is it acceptable?

    Thanks for sharing your worries.

    Let me know what happened.


    • She is overwheight for her height. This is all in fun by the way. Just saying that because of her love of food, why does she ‘wrap’ me up like a trussed up chicken if I nod off?

    • Good idea! Though not sure where abouts our local knacker yard is, and besides, she’ll simply replace meat with other foods such as crisps, chocolate, chips, roast potatoes, etc.

    • Tricia, she would love to visit you! In return for constantly served meals, snacks, packets of crisps, tv in her bedroom, bottles of vodka ice and wine, horse rides, etc, she will reward you with foot massages, back massages and of course a duvet wrap if you happen to nod off during the process. However she does have some rules. No dogs. No animals. No children under the age of 14. No exercise. (she insists that she needs a holiday from that slave driver mother who insists on dragging her to exercise class every week.)

      Hmm, looks like she’s already packed! 😉

  2. Oh dear … I would love to have her visit, but sadly my life is filled with ….. 6 horses, 1 boy under 14, constant exercise (aka hard work), a pending pup, and weather far too hot to tolerate a sheet, let alone a duvet ….. and to top it off the tv is in german!! (Not even Italian!!)

    Maybe you should stock up the home cupboards and escape before she pickles you ……

    • That’s no good! Ahh, she’s unpacked again! She only knows a smattering of french! Oh dear, well sorry Tricia, looks like your borrowed masseur idea is off. She would help (from a safe distance with the horses, keep out the way of the 14 year old and talk you out of the pup idea (unless it didn’t bark or fuss and jump up that is)
      Oh well, looks like I’m stuck with her for now. sigh. 😉

  3. Hi again technogran Just doing the rounds and thought I would leave a note. I have an autistic boy who is adopted from my wife’s niece. I would not swap him now but what a roller coaster ride it has been for thirteen years. Hope you are all wall best regards Stuart Goddard.

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