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Guess where we’ve been….

Just a very quick blog before I rest my weary head for the night. We have been on one of our adventures today. On one of our usual  Green Express Railtours. Just for fun I am not going to do a post about our day today, I’ll do one tomorrow, but for now all I will include in this ‘quickie’ post are some photos taken on our trip.

You have to try and guess where we went by simply examining the photos for clues. No prizes I’m afraid, seeing as I have returned skint. (Can’t quite fathom how I’ve spent up either, seeing as all I have returned with is a fridge magnet, but I was accompanied by K and my youngest.)  So here are your photo clues. First to guess correctly is the winner.





That’s enough clues for now, correct answers on a postcard please or alternatively in comments below.

TG Open-mouthed smile

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6 thoughts on “Guess where we’ve been….

    • Where Penny? I don’t understand why it wants you to tweet and retweet??? Where? You don’t have to use that retweet button if you don’t want to. Just click on Comment

    • Well done Jane! You have guessed correctly! Sorry that this absolutely broke pensioner cannot supply some sort of prize for you such as a sporran or genuine Scottish kilt or something. Well spotted.

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