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A Snails Tail.


Every time I went out to the dustbin area where we stash our recycle refuse, I kept wondering why I seemed to be getting an accumulation of snails hanging out there. Walking up the walls, lounging in the plastic bottle bag, waiting patiently in the glass and tin container box, and even residing inside the green newspapers and cardboard bag.  What was it about my particular dustbin area that seemed to encourage them to head there? 

Could it be that word had spread (at a snails pace of course) that here was the place to wait patiently for a once in a snails lifetime of flying?  Where else could any snail experience the exhilaration of flying through the air even if lasting only a few brief seconds? (or even shorter in snails time.)


For all we know, it might be every snails dream as they gaze longingly up at the birds flying above their tentacles . So maybe it didn’t take long before snails word spread that Yes! At last there was a way that they could achieve their flying dreams simply by heading over to my dustbin area and then climbing into one of the receptacles stored there! That it wouldn’t take long before a ginger haired human would arrive, carefully pick you up from wherever you had parked yourself and your shell, and then provide you with that never before experience of flying! Nor would it all end in your last slither either because the human makes sure that your flight path lands you safely on the snail safe landing of some soft grass, where you can then slither back to the same area to indulge in the whole flying experience again and again!

TG   (complete with very peculiar imagination.)

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4 thoughts on “A Snails Tail.

  1. Please don’t tell anyone but snails fly here as well …… in the direction of the neighbour’s garden …… tee hee heeeeeee …… I am the neighbour from hell …….. [actually I collect them up and move them to the cliff top …… quite close to the edge though!]

    • If my neighbours had gardens and if Iwasn’t keen on them, I’d most likely do exactly the same thing DP. Hope when you move them to the cliff top you provide each snail with a glider or parachute.

  2. What a snail! We don’t have many of them around here, but we have plenty of their cousins, the slugs. Sometimes I have to hose down the sidewalk in the morning because I can see their trails.

    The Codger

    • In recent years it has been like a snail explosion around these parts. I have never seen so many! Unless of course the word is spreading about TG’s flying school

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