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Nothing to see here……

Looking down on the M62

Nothing much to post about. K toddled off to respite on Friday. (In a taxi) I busied myself tidying up the flat, mainly out of boredom. Saturday morning donned my new walking boots and moseyed down to town to meet the other members of C.R.E.W. We walked up Thornhills and then across Hartshead Moor area. Hadn’t a clue where we were. We did cross the M62 at one point. I took a photo of the traffic. Well, not so much the traffic, more the perspective of the road disappearing into the distance I suppose. Experienced one of my funny turns walking over the footbridge on our return journey over the footbridge later.

My boots were absolutely killing me. My toes mainly. Had I got the right pair of boots on? Wonder if K has got mine? Knowing us we might have muddled them up. They are very similar.  I am sure that when I trundled around Millett’s with them on they were fine.

Ended up back in Witherspoons for our lunch. I am not keen to be honest. It’s far too big for my liking, I prefer these cosy little pubs to somewhere that used to be a chapel and has a balcony running all the way around it up above your heads complete with a huge organ still in situ. (they are not allowed to remove it, its listed.) Had the usual Chicken Caesar salad (it’s a wonder I don’t look like Caesar I eat so much of it) but there was far too much for me (as usual) and I ended up leaving most of it. How I wish they would offer small pensioner portions! Ended up having a laugh when we reported to one of the staff that one of us hadn’t been served with his tomatoes’ on his salad and my Chicken Caesar had the parmesan cheese missing. He promptly went into the kitchen and returned with some tomatoes for the other person and a container full of parmesan cheese for me!


vaccuum cleaner

Didn’t bother going shopping yesterday. I had some food in for my dinner, and of course there was no incentive in the shape of K to write out a shopping list of ‘must have’s or we’ll die of starvation’ so I simply made do with what was already in the fridge/freezer. Today I am stuck in waiting for a plumber to arrive to fix the shower head holder (again!) which has cracked and is now in danger of allowing the shower head to fall down any minute. (Have you all noticed how there has been a sort of ‘everything needing repairing’ theme running through my year so far?) Which reminds me. My vacuum cleaner has packed up. Did the dusting, swept down the stairs, plugged the vacuum in, switched on, nothing. Zilch. Changed the fuse. Still nothing. Oh well. Looks like another spending spree is in the offing.

Had to laugh yesterday to myself when I received a text from K ( A member of staff must have done it for her because she can’t text.) reminding me to take my tablets. Who cares for who around here?

TG  Open-mouthed smile

6 thoughts on “Nothing to see here……

  1. Oh dear, I can’t believe those boots aren’t made for walking after all that!! I hope you find out that you did get them confused!!

    By now I hope you’re sitting down with a good vodka to iron out the creases of your day ….

    • Don’t mention ironing Tricia! You know how I feel about ironing. I shall no doubt be doing a moaning post next. Yes I hope that we have ended up with the wrong boots. Won’t find out until Friday when she returns from respite.

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