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I’m all plumbed out……


Those readers of mine who have known me for quite some time and are well aware of my luck might have all guessed by now that my enforced stint of waiting around yesterday for a plumber to arrive to fix the shower head holder ended up being a wasted day. Eventually at 4.30pm I rang the repair office to ask where this expected plumber had disappeared to.

“Sorry, Mrs L, somehow you have been missed from the list of people to contact, he has rung in today sick, can I make another appointment with you?”

I’ll now be spending all day Wednesday doing a repeat performance of Monday. Looks like they only have one plumber in their employ.  For a few thousand properties scattered around Calderdale. Hmm. This year has definitely been the Year of the Plumber for me, not the year of the Tiger. I shall end the year being best buddies with some of them. Might even be invited to a few plumber Christmas parties. You know, bring your own plunger, grout provided.


Went down to do some shopping. It’s awfully quiet in town. Everyone must be on holiday or something. Either that or they’ve all left. I hadn’t a lot to buy seeing as there’s only me. Just a few bits and pieces, Chicken Caesar salad, (again!) cherry tomatoes, my Grape Juice, some Tropicana orange juice and two new dishcloths seeing as the old one’s were falling apart. As I only had a few items in each bag, I managed to carry them to the bus station instead of getting the usual taxi. When the bus arrived it was the usual one brought out of retirement from the bus museum specifically for our route. A double decker for just five passengers. We all managed to do the usual and spread ourselves out downstairs to make it look fuller. I did consider running up and down stairs to make it look as if the whole bus was being used, but after careful consideration I decided against this tactic.

I had received a call from K when I arrived back home. After scanning and siding the shopping, I rang her back.

“Can I buy a CD and a DVD with my birthday money?”  She was promptly interrupted by one of the support staff who informed me that despite ringing me for permission, she had already bought them.  She wouldn’t have rung had not the support staff reminded her that she wasn’t supposed to be adding any more CD’s to the one million she already owns and which are currently scattered around this pokey little flat under her bed, in her wardrobe, in her drawers and just about everywhere else she can find room to stuff them.

“Tell her that she can look forward to helping me have a huge clearout when she arrives back home!” I informed the support worker. Well, it’s either that or we move into a mansion of some sort.

3View PVR

I am also very disappointed that I am not getting my new Freeview HD PVR delivered either. It should have been arriving today if all had gone to plan, but apparently they are having production and last minute problems. Had all gone smoothly, I would have been busy fiddling around the back of the TV by now, backside in the air and back aching, crawling around on my knees sifting through countless wires, plugs, leads etc, connecting and setting it all up. It would have helped to take my mind off being on my own. I could have been busy cursing all those tangled wires instead of missing K.

It’s so strange how much I have changed these last few years. There was a time, not so long ago either, when I use to look forward to being by myself and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Not now. I am not sure if it’s because of the heart attack I had, or the fact that K and I are so cooped up in this flat and tend to go and do everything together, I honestly don’t know what has changed. I am certainly not as confident when by myself either. I feel vulnerable. Added to that, because folks are so used to seeing us together, no one sees me now when I am by myself. I become almost invisible, even to those who have known me for years and years. I have changed into some sort of appendage to K. It’s her that everyone must notice, and its definitely her that everyone talks to.  I’m just the sidekick.

Took K’s camera down with me simply to put it through its paces and check how it shapes up. (and to give me something to take my mind off feeling lonely I suppose.) Just took anything that caught my eye. Or stood out. The empty road that is usually chock a block with traffic is one example. Fruits ripening on the bushes and trees are another. Where has the summer gone? Two or three weeks in June and that’s been it! Now as I notice the blackberry’s ripening and the fruits all out, its nearly autumn! This year summer had simply been like a fleeting glance. I had hoped that after that awful winter that just seemed to go on and on, we would enjoy a lovely long hot summer, but it just hasn’t happened, not around here anyway. Enjoy the photos of my jaunt out this morning.

TG  I don't know smile

4 thoughts on “I’m all plumbed out……

  1. With K away for awhile, no wonder you’ve planned visits from the plumbers to while away the idle time. You’ll have to save all those little repair jobs for when she’s next on respite!! Seriously, I know what you mean about being your daughter’s appendage … it takes some getting used to, and then before I knew it, she was making all the decisions …. and I’m also left feeling quite lost when she’s away …. Mmmm … maybe time to make an effort to make more friends of my own … the plumber’s useless as he only speaks Italian!!!!

    Sorry to hear that your summer kind of came and went in the same month. We’ve been having the most superb weather here …. after a heat wave earlier, it is now perfect with cool breezes, evening showers, and temperatures in the high 20C during the day …. Warm, but not too hot.

    K’s camera looks good …. at least, you still have an eye for a good pic …

    • Thanks Tricia. So at least I know I’m not going through this sort of ‘lost’ feeling on my own! Hmm. Pity we don’t live nearer to each other, we could spend the week gallivanting about the place and pulling plumbers to pieces! Yes, K’s camera is very nice. I am wishing now I have stuck to a Samsung as well. The Sony is beginning to suffer from ‘light blur’ or something where when you take a shot, the light is creeping into the shot. Might ask Mike about it, he’s the expert!

    • Thanks DP. I already have Freesat HD. I’m greedy. I want Freeview HD as well. I don’t have any problems with Freeview here at Emley Moor, its fine. Thanks for the thoughts though and concern.

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