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Yesterday and today.

Yesterday the plumber finally  arrived. It turned out to be one half of the A team. Remember? The duo who on seeing the amount of work involved in sorting out the leak last time promptly scarpered off on holiday? He’s lost his trusty sidekick. Apparently because the young un had completed his second year at college, The housing association could not afford to keep him on and so he’s been finished. This led to a lengthy discussion between us both about the sad demise of apprenticeships and who was going to do all the plumbing, electrics and joinery jobs when the older guys retire.


He brought three different shower head holders with him. Two were just the holders themselves and the other was a complete slider assembly. One of the holders was white and the other chrome. After careful consideration of how aesthetically pleasing it would eventually look to K and myself as we stood under the shower, I plonked for the white one.  It’s actually quite nifty. It works via a sort of push button to slide the head up or down the pole. The head itself can be pivoted into three separate positions. As he left, I told him that if this shower gives me any more trouble, I shall ask for a bath to be installed instead.


Later I went down to Tesco’s for a replacement vacuum cleaner. I had scoured the Internet for all info and reviews about the models they had in our local store. (this is always the time when I am thankful for the Internet, when I need to suss out a buy.)  A Zanussi and a Samsung. J  accompanied me to assist with carrying duties. We both had some tea in the Cafe before grabbing a Samsung vacuum from the shelves. One of the assistants informed me that it was double coupons on any Home appliance purchases so instead of my two £5 pound vouchers saving me £10 from the price, I ended up saving £20. Not bad! Hey! Maybe this year is turning out to be not so bad after all! Taxi home and then son quickly exited the flat as fast as he could leaving Mum to fiddle and faff at putting the vacuum together. (typical.)

Luckily it was fairly easy to do following the enclosed  instructions and I was soon hoovering away at all the bits gathered on the carpets. It’s a nice vacuum, an upright this time but I might have a struggle with it on the stairs as the attachment hose seems very short.  The old vac will need disposing of. Luckily my sister complete with car should hopefully be paying me a visit this Friday.

Today I waltzed down to exercise class where everyone wanted to know where K was. We did our usual workout and then I moseyed into Tesco’s ( might as well bring my sleeping bag.) for a few bits and pieces. The usual salad and some fruit for dinner. I could have bought more, but in the sure and certain knowledge that the boss will want to return there in the morning as soon as we have unpacked her suitcase, I decided that rather than strain my back carrying half the supermarket home, most items can wait until she is accompanying me.

Following lunch, I felt really off. Cold and tired. Hmm. Hope I am not coming down with anything. I had a sleep for a couple of hours. Woke up shivering. Put one of my sweatshirts on and promptly ended up roasted. Mind you, the sun is shining in the windows which is a rare sight this summer.


Took my camera down with me to exercise class, but I only took two photos.  Dismal looking one’s at that.  I missed the rare opportunity of taking a shot of our famous ‘double decker’ bus from the museum used exclusively on our route. It was trundling along the road as I crossed on my way down. It was following another more modern double decker so that shot would have made a good comparison of the antiquities used on our route and the modern ones’ used for every other route. I will definitely get a shot of it next time.


(If you look closely you can see Emley Moor transmitter in the distance on this shot.)

The boss returns tomorrow at about 10.30 am so I had better be getting myself prepared for her arrival.  See you all later!

TG   Confused smile

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