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She’s back!

The boss arrived back at roughly 10.00am. She hadn’t even reached the top of the stairs before I was handed a list of ‘things to order from Amazon’  I don't know smile 

First stop was the letter rack to open all of her birthday cards. Some contained money. She asked me what the total amount was.  Then she jotted down the price of all items on her Amazon list. Did she have enough to cover everything? Just about. I was then pestered ruthlessly until I went online and ordered them all.  All I will say is this. We need a bigger flat.

Here are the items in no particular order. (No pun intended.)





Deep Blue Sea on DVD.









Shark attack t-shirt. (sigh.)









Ultimate Dirty Dancing CD. The first item to not feature a shark.








Beauty and the Beast CD. Well, not featuring a shark, but another kind of beast.






Four weddings and a funeral CD. sigh.  That’s it. At least for now. I think it might be a very good idea for me to purchase some shares in Amazon.






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