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Total Recall….or not.

Traipsing up to the local Post Office clutching the letter that I took with me down to town yesterday to post and promptly forgot despite walking right past the town Post Office, set me thinking as I very often do just  how lousy my memory is. I haven’t even the excuse that its only been this way since I became a senior citizen. I’ve always had a lousy memory. As long as I can remember. (pun intended.)  I mean, how many other people do you know of who have to get daily reminders from their daughter who’s special needs are such that she is reputed to have a ‘short term memory deficit?’

What about my long term memory? Does that somehow compensate for the constant ‘What’s that persons name? What have I come into this room for? What was I just about to do next? Did I lock the door after me?  How old is my grandchild this year? or even more damning, ‘What’s my name?’  

I tried to recall my first ever memory.  Hmm. Difficult.  I could very vaguely recall, although it is simply a very quick snapshot, the bedroom in our prefab. I would be about six years of age  I can also very vaguely recall my Mum complaining about the fire which apparently she could never get to light for some reason. (coal fire obviously.)  I can’t remember the bathroom, my parents room, the garden or anything else about living in that prefab at all.  Despite the fact that they were only supposed to be temporary, they remained until 1970 and this estate we now live on is built where they stood. 

Some post war prefabricated houses

I can also just vaguely remember walking through the cemetery on my way to school. Could have been on my way to juniors.  Yes, it was safe to walk to school in those days, even if you were only seven, eight or nine. This sticks out in my mind because there was a  huge angel stood inside a monument and it used to frighten me. (sadly now disappeared.)

Missing Angel

My next recollection is me doing  some fancy tumbles and acrobatics around the middle pole of a fence which surrounded one of the farmers fields at the bottom of the estate where went to live next. I recall this simply  because a piece of rust from the iron pole that I was using to tumble around went in my eye. We all used this particular iron fence to tumble  around because it had lost the lower pole  of the three  horizontal ‘poles’ and was therefore  ideal for doing some ‘fancy’ acrobatics on.  The topmost pole could be used to hang your legs on enabling you to  hang upside down. We spent many an enjoyable hour or two trying to come up with the most daring tumbles and moves with which to impress one another. Can’t remember the content of that field though. Think it was wheat or some such, something that grew very tall because we used to be able to hide in it. (probably from the farmer.) It’s now privately owned bungalows. Can’t remember my age at that recall either.


So, my long term memory isn’t all that brilliant either by the looks of things. I suppose my short term memory isn’t really important until it comes to taking tablets. Did I take this mornings tablets or not? Which goes some way to explaining why I had to insist on having a Medi Dose as an aid memoir and also why my daughter rings me daily when she’s away from home. with ‘don’t forget to take your tablets Mum!’

TG    What’s your earliest memory?


6 thoughts on “Total Recall….or not.

  1. My earliest memory is having measles I was still in a cot so maybe about 18 months to 2 years and my cot had been brought downstairs, I remember my Mum had put tea towels over lamp shades so the light didnt hurt my eyes and Dr Robertson knocking at the front door and walking in to see me.
    Like you my memory is not good now and same as you my special needs daughter has to remind me to do things. I think K and S must be twins in another life lol

    • Wow! You certainly have a good long term memory! I can’t remember my early years at all! Funny though isn’t it, how some of our earliest memories can be about illness or frightening things.

  2. My earliest memories are hard to sort from the photos I’ve been shown over the years. I was three years old when we moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Miami Beach, Florida. We went by train. When my fully-dressed parents took me to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, I walked right into it and a man who saw me swirling around in the surf came and rescued me. I remember the swirling water and the fact that I was wearing a yellow sundress. Yet another memory haunts me and may cause two phobias I have struggled with all my life. I was in my grandmother’s bathroom on the second floor of a brick house. Somehow, I locked myself in the bathroom and couldn’t figure out how to turn the key to release myself. Mother and grandmother had to call the fire department. Luckily, it was summertime and the bathroom window was open. I believe they had to extract me from the room via a small window and I was carried down the ladder. Subsequently, I developed claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces, elevators, bathrooms with locks) and acrophobia (fear of heights). I’m 71 and do pretty well with those fears now that I’m elderly. Great blog. See you on Twitter — where I am both @Radio_Lady and @BonusGrandma.

    • That’s exactly what I mean! It’s the trauma’s in our lives that occur that seem to stick in our memories. I will find you on twitter and follow you. Either one or the other. Mind you, most of my tweets are rubbish.

    • Yes DP, it can have it perks. I usually get half way through the book or DVD before I realize I have watched/read it before. Keeps costs of buying new books or DVD’s down though I suppose.

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