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Yet another canal walk.

As the walk leader had considered the intended long walk today as far too muddy owing to the recent rain we have been experiencing the last two months or so last few days, it was decided that we repeat our now famous walk alongside the canal. We all had to meet up in our bus station at 10.45am. K was reluctant to go. She much preferred waltzing back to Huddersfield to purchase a new mobile phone that we had seen earlier in the week for herself. (more of which on my other techy blog when I get around to it.)  After talking her around by suggesting we did the walk and then moseyed off to Huddersfield, thereby killing two birds with one stone, she finally relented and we met up with the others at the specified time.

The old lock keepers cottage

We began the walk with K marching off in front. Cripes! What had gotten into her? Not only that, but she was setting a cracking pace into the bargain, no mean feat when your legs are on the short stocky side.  Although this morning had begun with the usual rain, causing both of us to don our raincoats ‘just in case of showers’ we ended up having to remove them during the walk as we were working up quite a sweat in the ensuing sunshine. The canal towpath was quite busy as well, fishermen were out in force, bicyclists passing us with the compulsory ‘two rings’ of their bells. (There are loads of signs up along the towpath asking cyclists to ring their cycle bells twice in order to warn walkers of their approach) We were also passed by one or two joggers as well. In fact, it was a bit like Clapham Junction on the towpath this morning!

Blackberries up close and personal

Undaunted by all this busy traffic, we all soldiered on. After a suitable time (and just as my back was beginning to give me jip) it was suggested that we had gone far enough and we turned around an retraced our steps. Well, not quite. On the return journey we walked along the alternate path at the side of the reeds. The blackberries are really ripening now, and it is beginning to feel like autumn already. K was still marching on in front. What was she after I wondered to myself, this wasn’t like her, she’s usually sauntering along at the rear!

We didn’t spot any of the mink on the canal this time. On our return to town we both continued along the canal towpath to the bus stop after saying goodbye to the others, where we caught the bus to Huddersfield to purchase K’s new mobile phone.

It was a very pleasant walk this morning and we were very lucky with the weather, it turned into quite a nice day for once without a spot of rain to spoil the enjoyment. I took some photos along the walk and I hope you all enjoy them in my flickr photostream and my sidebar.



3 thoughts on “Yet another canal walk.

  1. I reckon K thought ‘The sooner we get this walk over with, the sooner I get my phone!” Incidentally, I ate my first blackberry yesterday …… the growing kind before you say anything!

    • What other kind is there……………..oh! Of course! The phone/PDA/what’sit/type thingamajig. Funny you should mention an all singing, all dancing contraption DP, I am going to post up on my ‘Pretending to know all about techy stuff’ blog about K’s new mobile. It’s sort of the other way inclined to something like the Blackberry, and aimed at those who simply want a mobile phone with which to (gasp!) talk.
      When do you intend to let everyone know who has won the missing posterior competition?

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