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It’s wear and tear.


Woke up this morning and could hardly walk. I must have twisted my knee yesterday though I don’t remember doing so. We walked down to do our shopping as usual, and it definitely didn’t do the twisted knee any good doing so.  The  shopping trip  proved to be a real pain as I spent the entire merry-go-round clinging to the trolley limping along like Hopalong Cassidy. My face must have looked  a picture judging by the looks from other shoppers.  Didn’t stop them walking in front of me to reach an item from a shelf though, limping along  or not.

If I go down to the Doc’s it’ll be the usual. ‘It’s wear and tear.’ Humph! You can’t win can you? Walk everywhere, get tons of exercise, keep moving and active, end up  getting  wear and tear on the old joints.

Sit down on your bum all day doing nothing but stuffing your face with calorie laden foodstuffs as you watch any old drivel on the television, end up becoming overweight, diabetic and/or suffer a heart attack. (although I do know plenty of folks who keep this sort of lifestyle and manage to get away with none of those reputed endings, and I am sure that my readers can also think of those who manage such a lifestyle and are still here to tell the tale as well.)

Now that summer is nearly over, the sun has finally decided to put in an appearance. Last time was June wasn’t it?  At least the blackberries will be able to ripen now. Today must be the first day in several weeks when it hasn’t rained but there’s time yet, so I had better shut up. I did take some photos whilst limping down to the supermarket. They are in my sidebar and also in a Photo Gallery. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “It’s wear and tear.

  1. Hope the knee has eased up ……. yuk.

    I’m sure that sitting on the sofa is very good for one ….. I’ve been practising the art form for years …….. and I do get up every now and again to make a cuppa ………

    • Yes, much better today thanks after K administered some Ibuprofen to the affected area. More worrying to me though DP is the fact that I couldn’t remember twisting it. As for getting up to make a cuppa, how about having a flask made up next to you?

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