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Messing about on my blog.

Anyone paying a quick visit today on my WordPress blog could be forgiven for thinking that either they were seeing things or that they needed their eyes testing. It was neither of course, it was simply me doing my usual messing about changing to a  new theme which then needed a new header and background. I was supposed to be ploughing my way through some ironing, but somehow got waylaid into wasting most of my time searching on the internet for suitable backgrounds for this blog.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t read Aaron’s blog first thing this morning.  Aaron is one of the coders for Live Writer, and he stated that in the new beta they had sorted out the syncing problems with the new WordPress themes. Ha ha! So now at last I can use Twenty Ten I thought to myself, and promptly set about changing from Vigilance to Twenty Ten. So that partly explains why I have just spent a wasted day trawling through suitable backgrounds. Well, that and I will use any excuse to stall the ironing task if I possibly can.  Suitable?  Well, yes, I mean I do like to choose something that reflects my personality. If that’s at all possible. Which is a task in itself as no one seems to make any dippy, dozy, grumbling type backgrounds any more.


Nearly plonked for a very dark cloudy one. (summed up the sort of summer we have experienced this year and therefore my current mood.) There were also plenty of stone textured ones to be had. Rough and stoned. Hmm. That could describe me after a bottle of wine.  I  do tend to like the Grungy looking ones.  You know, smudged and dirty looking.


I very nearly used one of a puddle created by a drip of water. ( I can sound like a drip at times and I am definitely puddled.) Looked at some of the universe as well. (Out of this world? Often where my mind drifts off to I suppose)  One that I very nearly chose had what appeared to be fungi all over it. Green fungi.

Fungus background

The one thing I didn’t want was a fussy background which would  detract  from my writing.  It’s boring enough to read as it is without my few readers being distracted by an attractive and intricate looking background. So, something subtle. (which when I think about it, is actually nothing like me.)  I have decided on this one for now, though I was intent on choosing a grungy looking parchment background if I could find one.  I might change the header later when I have taken a suitable photo of something not too distracting and which sums up me to a tee. By the way, I did fit the ironing in amongst all the searching after my conscience pricked me, so that’s that out of the way until next time.


7 thoughts on “Messing about on my blog.

  1. BTW …. I got half a dozen notifications of your temporary Posts used for theme detection ….. that is surely something “they” should be able to control sending out?!? Not that it is a problem really … just clutter …

  2. Yes, I was hoping Tricia that the new Live Writer would be able to pick up any of the WordPress themes without constantly needing to construct a temporary post in order to completely sync with the theme. It doesn’t always delete it afterwards either. Hmm. Might have a word with the team later about this ………….I might still be altering the background later………sigh, sorry to everyone. Don’t think its your eyesight, its only me!

  3. I am glad I am not the only one that “plays” around with the themes in WP. I’ve changed my blog theme so many times, it’s not funny. I get so bored with the same old theme day in, day out.

    Your photos are fantastic!

    • Thank you tam I do like my blog to look the part, and yes, I’m a fiddler. Trouble is I feel genuinely sorry for my readers (if I have any that is) who might be hovering around here when I’m on one of my ‘changing sprees.’ It must be awful to see headers disappear suddenly and backgrounds suddenly whipped away to be replaced by something else. Trouble is, when is the best time to do a ‘spring clean’ of your blog?

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