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Sunshine Saturday.

After being left on my own following K’s departure for a shopping spree with her Dad, I decided not to waste the first day of summer sunshine we have experienced since June and go on a walk. A photo shoot walk. After all, when better to take one’s camera with you than when the sun is shining and all the colours look so bright and shiny?  Besides which, being in the sun makes me feel so much better about the world. I feel happier, sunnier, warmer, brighter and far more able to cope with the trials and tribulations that life has a tendency to throw at you now and again. Setting off by walking through the cemetery might not at first appear such a bright idea seeing as I will no doubt be permanently housed there at some point in the near future, but it is a shortcut to where I had decided to begin my walk, and strangely enough was fairly busy this morning full of other people deciding to do exactly the same thing.

One of my first shots I took on my walk is of the monument that used to house the angel statue that so used to frighten me as I walked past it on my way to school as a young girl. Wonder where it is now and if its still in one piece? Maybe it became unsafe or fell on someone?  Or maybe someone simply vandalised it and pulled it down. I used to be both wary of it and fascinated by it at the same time.

Missing Angel

My walk then took me along the tree lined road called Granny Hall Lane. Lot’s of fruit on the trees and I spied a busy bee collecting pollen from a flower, so he had his photo taken as I passed him by.

Busy Bee

It was such a beautiful day, not to be wasted. I must have walked at least two miles, although that’s just a rough guess because I didn’t have a pedometer strapped to my feet or anything. It was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt. Took a photo of a wonderful old house that stands at the crossroads just below where my children went to school all those years ago. It doesn’t seem five minutes ago since we were using the crossing by the lollypop lady., both my children in their school uniforms with backpacks across their backs.  How time flies!

Peering through the Gate

As I continued my walk down Catherine Slack (wonder who she was?) I passed by lot’s of blackberries at the side of the road ripening in the summer sunshine, so of course I took a few photos of those. Memories of my sister and I accompanying my Mum armed with a huge ‘bucket’ type bag that we used to fill to the brim with blackberries so that she could make jars and jars of home made jam. You can’t buy jam like that my mother used to make.

Blackberries ripening in the sun

By the time I landed home, my knee was aching (the one I twisted the other day) and my back was aching but who cares! I am a sunshine person, I need it like other people need food and water. If we go without any sunshine for any length of time, I become morose and depressed. I love it, and I’m so glad I decided to enjoy it while its there.

TG  More photos taken on my walk are in my sidebar flickr gadget.

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