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Fantastic Friday!

We’ve had some really good news! I’ve been awarded the Carer’s grant and so we will be going to Cayton Bay (lot’s of lovely reminiscing for me!) for a few days, staying in a mobile home. I shall of course be taking my camera with me, hopefully we’ll manage to fit in a day in Whitby (want to see the Abbey ruins) and I’ll take lot’s and lot’s of photos.


Hmm. That wine looks like a bottle of white zinfandel.

We are both really really excited. Its ages ago since we had a holiday and stayed in a mobile home.



Sorry I haven’t been posting to my blog, been rather busy with other things.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday!

  1. Do they? Cripes! We may never emerge from the mobile home in that case! Actually it really ought to be a bottle of champagne. We are so excited the two of us. I’m going to take her crabbing like my sister and I used to do in the rocks on the beach.

    • Yes, they are amazing DP aren’t they? I always marvel how they manage to give you ample storage space in a confined area. Over the years, they have changed into real ‘home from homes’ as well. First thing I would skip out and buy if I’d ever won the lottery.

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