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Sunshine Saturday.

Despite the forecast of rain, we were very lucky on Saturday for our walk along the canal (again!) with C.R.E.W. I swear that I will soon know every blade of grass, every narrow boat, every duck and every fisherman’s name before much longer. Although it had been spitting as we exited the flat, it stayed dry all the walk and we actually kept seeing some sunshine breaking through. We were supposedly going to have dinner in the Black Horse, but K and I got our own way and we ended up in the Railway Inn at Mirfield. We love that pub for it was there where we were first introduced to Stowell’s White Zinfandel which has become our firm favourite. It beats any other make into fits in our opinion.

This walk always has to end where it becomes so overgrown that you can’t get past and you have to actually leave the canal towpath and cross over some fields before joining it again further along the canal. We turned around and retraced our footsteps. I always enjoy these walks. There’s something about being near water that relaxes you I think, and because the weather was kind it was really enjoyable. As usual we ended the walk with a most enjoyable pub lunch where I had turkey dinner, and K had home made Meat and Potato pie, washed down with two small bottles of our favourite White Zinfandel.

Here are the picture’s I took of our walk.


Blimey! K’s really striding out here!


Under the bridge


A berthed narrowboat


Going through the canal lock.


There’s even some blue sky!


Yippee! It’s dinner time and we’re starving after our walk!

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Saturday.

  1. I love the pics of your walks, and am always amazed at how you manage to capture completely new scenes … despite having taken so many of this route … it looks like a wonderful walk …. I wonder if they will ever clear that stretch of path for you to continue along the tow path ..

  2. Well, it would be nice if they did as at the moment it makes it only a very short walk. It is very badly overgrown Tricia. There will be a path there, there must be because they were used by the horses all those years ago when they pulled the barges and narrowboats along the canal.

  3. Good idea Tricia! After all, most of the C.R.E.W team always walk with assorted array of sticks, we could make it a task!
    DP she usually only strides out like this as we near the venue for dinner. (added incentive) She’s usually bringing up the rear (I’ve also noticed that she can’t walk fast and talk at the same time) but on Saturday it was a very different tale as you can see by the pics.

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