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Stitch that shot!

Well well well! She’s seen me take loads of shots with my camera destined to be stitched together into a panoramic shot in Windows Live Photo Gallery and guess what? My lovely Down’s Syndrome daughter, who has been to St Anne’s today for a day out, has actually managed to do the same! I am so proud of her!  I think she should now be featured on a Microsoft advert for Live Photo Gallery,  don’t you?

Kerri's beach stitch


2 thoughts on “Stitch that shot!

  1. She has seen me take shots with my camera where I take a shot, then pan to the right, take another shot, pan again to the right…..I was gobsmacked when I saw them on her camera! She had actually taken three shots but the other one must have been slightly out, it only stitches them if they slightly overlap each other and you have to remember to keep the camera on the same plane as you take your shots, but yes, two of them stitched together so good on her!

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