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Hair today and gone tomorrow!

Made a visit to the hairdressers yesterday, me for a perm to make mine look at least presentable, and K for her usual ‘short as possible without shaving’ look. Took some photos on the walk up there. It was trying its damnedest to rain, kept spitting and the dark clouds overhead looked ominous.  We had to have something done in readiness for our ‘break away’ coming up very soon. My hair tends to get where I can’t do it myself when its straight, and as my long term readers will know, as soon as K’s gets any longer than an inch or so, she just has to have it shorn. Annoying for me, seeing as only the other day another shopper in Tesco’s said to me,

“Yes, I saw HIM dashing down the aisle for something!” Grrr! So here are my photos followed unfortunately at the end by one of me that K took of my hair do. Hope it doesn’t spoil your day!

Bunch of Acorns

Squirrel Food.

Looks like Rain!

Don’t like the look of those clouds overhead!

September colours

Golden seeds hanging from the trees.

Patiently waiting

We want to go in!

All done and dusted

That’s all for now folks, have a good day!


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