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Thirsty Thursday

It’s actually stopped raining today.  First day without any rain this week. Sort of explains really why yours truly has not ventured out much until today. It was like wuthering heights yesterday, rain, wind, fences blowing down, and on our way down to exercise class, I noted that one tree next to Hamish’s bungalow (well, its not his bungalow of course, seeing as he is a Westie dog, its where he lives with his owners)  had been felled. In fact, they felled it this morning. I could hear the racket going on, but couldn’t nosey to see what was happening as the crab apple trees were obscuring my view from K’s bedroom window, so I had to be patient and wait until we ventured out down to exercise class later. 

Enquiring in my usual nosey fashion of Hamish’s owner (don’t know his name) who just happened to be ‘loitering’ in the garden as we walked past, I learned that they ( they being the council) had considered the overhanging tree to be dangerous and therefore its had all of its branches removed.  I will take a photo tomorrow as we pass by on our journey down to the doctors for K to have some blood taken to check her thyroid.  I did take a photo of it some time back if I remember rightly, when I was focusing on  the bird feeder in their garden. Hmm, must see if its still available in my collection, then you will see a ‘before and after’.  It really looks quite bare now.

Note the tree overhanging Hamish's Garden

Exercise class was a very quiet affair, there were only eight of us this morning and that included the trainer herself. Most seem to be off on holiday, though I learned that one member had suffered a mild heart attack after exercising on the cross trainer in the corner, and I was told this news as I was using it, so I’ll give it a wide berth in future. Maybe we should place a ‘ use this cross trainer at your own risk’ notice across it. It always makes my legs ache anyway, I only have to be on it for a few minutes and I am beggared. Still, this exercise class is supposedly to help us all avoid having a heart attack by keeping ourselves fit, not giving us one!


And on that very subject, have any of my readers been watchingThe Young One’s’ currently showing on BBC 1 and BBC HD? I have been recording it  and it has given me much food for thought. The ‘experiment’ for that is exactly what it is, is to take several well known celebrities and ‘plunge’ them back into the seventies when they were obviously in their prime of fitness and agility in both mind and body, and to prove that age and growing old and feeble can truly be  ‘all in the mind’ because the premise is that once they have ‘turned the clock back’ to that  previous time, their lack of agility and mind will once again revert back to how it used to be, or that certainly they will become far more able at the end of the experiment compared to what they were when they began.  So far, it really has made a difference, and as a viewer I have been amazed at the change that has come over them during just a few days. The whole house has been decorated as it would be in the 70’s, to the last detail, they have to do everything for themselves, no one is carrying or fetching for them, and it really has been an absolute eye opener.  As someone who feels that she has to fight and battle against the ever increasing tide of aging, arthritic knees, back ache, keeping my heart healthy by exercising etc, I am eager to see how they fare when the experiment ends at the end of this week.


If you haven’t had chance to watch it yet, do try and view it, it should be available via the BBC iPlayer at some time, and it really will give you food for thought about how we all treat our elderly population and how you yourself might  tend to react to getting older. Which brings me smartly to the title of this blog post. Thirsty Thursday?  What has that got to do with trees being felled, cross trainers and a television program? Well, we have planned to down a bottle of wine tonight as we settle down to watch ALIEN on my personal video recorder in glorious high definition and writing this blog post is very thirsty work!

TG  Winking smile

7 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. We’ve been watching that prog ……… very interesting …….. particularly Lionel Blair’s mind over matter personna ……. I hope they don’t cock it up for him. Wouldn’t he be brilliant visiting Old People’s Homes and energising them with some dance and fun …..

  2. Yes I suppose so, but he hasn’t changed really has he? Always was a bit ‘full of himself’ wonder if his sister is still okay? What was her name now? Can’t remember. Hmm, maybe transporting myself to the sixties might help… it certainly makes you think though about your own approach to getting older.

  3. We watched the last two programmes in the series, having missed the first. Thought it was pretty good, all things considered. I confess I always thought Lionel was one of us, he being as camp as a row of tents; I learned from the programme that he has a wife (and apparently has children and grandchildren). Just goes to show how bad my gaydar is…

  4. Geoff, he is rather ‘camp’ yes, but then aren’t a lot of dancers or am I tending here to ‘generalize’ It has been a very interesting program to watch as I tend to ‘fight’ ageing in my subconscious and it gave me some insight into what to do and what not to do. For example, I used to love dancing when I was younger, now I hardly ever listen to music, let alone dance, yet dance can be one of the excellent ways to keep fit and supple. So after watching this program I have vowed to listen again to music and dance again as I used to do . (Not by going out to one of the many night clubs though!)

  5. Hmm, methinks you are tending towards the “generalise” end of the spectrum, but I can’t blame you; it’s the way images are pushed at us. I have an old photo of two very good friends of mine; one is an agricultural worker, and the other was a ballet dancer. Most people, when asked who is the dancer and who is the agricultural worker, get it wrong.

    The important message, as Brucie would say, is to ‘keep dancing!’

  6. There’s an amazing book on staying young (physically and mentally) by dancing … sadly, I can’t remember the title!!! What I do remember was that dancing stimulates so many aspects of ourselves …. turn up the music, and throw away the crutches … here I come!!! …………………………………………………………………. I’ll take the slow waltz for a start !!!

  7. I know, and after watching this amazing program, I intend to do more dancing in future, I used to love it when younger and let’s face it, you are exercising without realizing it.

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