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A Return visit to Cayton Bay. 1. We set off and arrive.

Case all ready packed the day before, we set off via our local bus following a morning where I very nearly drove myself insane with indecision. All over the route to take and method of transport to use. Taxi all the way to Huddersfield Railway station? Catch the bus down to town and then catch another bus to Huddersfield? Bus down to town and then a taxi to the railway station? Bus down to town and then walk up to our railway station and catch a train to Huddersfield?

The decision rested (for me at any rate) on the inclement weather outside. If it continued to rain, then a taxi straight to Huddersfield would be preferred, whereas as always, K’s criteria concerned the fact that she wished to call into her favourite bakery in town in order to buy something to eat for lunch on the train.

She won the argument. (as always) We caught the bus down to town, visited the cashpoint machine (it had stopped raining at this point in time) called in Hartley’s for a sandwich for her and a packed salad for me, and then we hired a taxi to take us to the railway station at Huddersfield.  I struggled with the suitcase up the stairs, and was delighted to find out that lifts have been installed in the station recently which helped enormously with handing the very heavy suitcase.

It’s at times like this when I regret not looking my age. No one offers to help you with your suitcase, to lift it on the train, to lift it into high luggage racks, so I was simply left to struggle with it by myself the whole journey.  As we patently waited for the train to arrive it was raining heavily. Our seats on the train were reserved, and luckily there was no one occupying them this time. We settled ourselves down with a nice cup of tea from the trolley.

As we left York, the dark clouds suddenly disappeared behind us, blue skies appeared, the rain was left behind and we journeyed towards the sunshine and blue skies on the horizon! Hurray! When we eventually arrived at Scarborough and took one of the waiting taxi’s. I asked the driver about the weather around that area and how it had been up until then. They had been experiencing some rain, but also some sunshine as well. It all boded well.

Arriving at the Holiday camp, I honestly couldn’t recognise any of it.  Where the front of the camp used to be placed  was now a dual carriageway from Scarborough to Filey. The camp entrance was now placed on the road to Cayton village. The old venue for all of the camp entertainment, the Pavilion, was no longer. It was completely unrecognisable from the Wallis’s Cayton Bay holiday camp where we used to go every year when I was a girl.  Mind you, that was over fifty years ago.


We booked in and collected our caravan keys from the club. Our caravan was as far away as you could possibly get. Right down at the bottom end of the camp, and its a big camp! Oh well I thought, It’ll keep us both fit!  We trundled down, suitcase rolling behind me and then entered our new home for four days. First task was to unpack. Next task was to retrace our steps back up to the shop for some much needed supplies. Tea bags, coffee, milk, orange juice, porridge, bottle of wine. (Last one chosen as a necessity by K)  We decided that we would have a walk around the camp and then return after having some dinner in the restaurant, where we would relax in our jammies for the rest of the evening.


The day after there was Adult swimming at 9.00am that we intended to participate in, so an early first night’s sleep was called for, and we were so tired that after downing the bottle of wine, we both went to bed at 9.30pm!


7 thoughts on “A Return visit to Cayton Bay. 1. We set off and arrive.

  1. Ahhh ….. Cayton Bay. Remember the place well. We always seemed to get stuck in a queue at the traffic lights on the main road, just at the entrance. That was when we used to go to the Blue Dolphin caravan park, many years ago.

    • That’s further down the road I think towards Filey isn’t it? (Blue Dolphin I mean) One holiday venue we have never stayed at. We have been to Primrose Valley and Reighton Sands though in the past.

    • Well, you should have K sussed by now! Doesn’t matter where she is, could be the Hilton Hotel for all she cares, or a dump, as soon as she is indoors its jammies on and glass of wine in hand. (plus of course the TV on.)

    • Well don’t forget to take a look at Yorkshire Grandpa Shayne! We have everything up here, castles, old crumbling Abbeys, a gorgeous coast, stunning scenery and the friendliest people you could wish to meet.

  2. it was about 1955 when i was ther it waS REALLY BRILLIANTharry gold and his pieces of eight were the resident band there were lads in scarboro to take our luggage to the next bus station i think and a little old lister truck when we got on site oh so mkany more mems

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