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Cayton Bay: Exploring the Camp

There was an adult swim scheduled in the pool on camp at 9.00am, so K and I donned our cossies, rolled up our towels and trekked up to the entertainment centre. We were joined by several others as we patiently waited for the doors to open. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we only needed our t-shirts on. (and trousers of course!) How I wished I have been positive and packed my sandals!

Once inside the pool, we all quickly changed, packed our belongings into the lockers provided and then entered the pool. It was obviously only meant for children’s use as we quickly found Eventually we climbed out, got dressed and then trekked back down to the caravan. We had decided to go on a tour of the whole site after our swim, so we made our way up to where some of the mobile homes were for sale first. to our dismay. It was only about 0.5 metres deep and trying to swim in that depth proved nigh impossible. K went down one of the slides available. Above the slides was a very small area that was slightly deeper at 1.1 metres, so we climbed the steps and did some swimming there.

ABI Bowness

Some had been left open for visitors to take a look inside, so K and I had a good nosey around. I have always, since we used to go and stay on the Haven Camp sites, wanted and longed to own my own holiday home, and as usual I fell in love with one or two of the homes on show. How lovely it must be to be able to come away to the seaside whenever your fancy takes you! Just pack up and spend as long as you like! Nowadays they are just like home from home, complete with fridge/freezers, full size ovens, central heating, flat screen tv and all mod cons. Of course I took some photos of my favourite one’s that were on show.

Main Bedroom

Next we walked down to the beach. This trek was full of memories, because this is one area of Cayton Bay that has not altered at all. The walk down the small road, the steps going down, the rocks on the beach where my sister and I used to crab all day, it was all there, and as there were some children playing on the rocks as we used to, I did become rather choked up.

Cayton Bay rocks

We did regret now that we had left our cossies up drying outside the caravan and our towels. K wanted to have a paddle in the sea, but her feet would have been full of sand, and we had no way of wiping any of it away. It was glorious, the sun, the waves, the tide was fully out, but I showed K where it came into. We walked along the beach to the other steps south of where we had entered. We began to climb the steep sloping path, but we had to take a rest half way up where we admired the views. It truly was a beautiful sight!

Cayton Bay steps looking south

At the top of this path is a surfing club shop where you can hire our wet suits and  surfing boards etc. Back at the entrance to the camp, K wanted to continue down the road to Cayton Village instead of returning to the caravan.  (blimey! what had come over her?) My back was beginning to play up, but as the weather was so fantastic, I decided to not waste it, and we carried on to the village. It’s quite a walk, but it was so enjoyable in the gorgeous September sunshine.

Gorgeous House,Cayton Village

On our way we passed a very attractive house at the road side and I just had to take a shot of it. Arriving in Cayton Village, I spied a very attractive floral display built around an old wheel, so I took a shot of that, and then we caught the bus back to the holiday camp.

Floral display, Cayton Village

We spent the rest of the day chilling out in the caravan, and I slept like the proverbial log until that blasted crow outside woke me up at 5.00am!


4 thoughts on “Cayton Bay: Exploring the Camp

    • Wow! Small world eh? If I’d have known I’d have called in for a cuppa! It’s a lovely house, I loved the round tower and the colours, so couldn’t resist taking a photo of it as we walked past.

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