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Shoes, Sharks and Stowell’s.

Our last day on holiday was to be K’s choice of venue. Sea Life at Scarborough. Again, another glorious sunny day despite the promise from the weather forecasters of rain later on. We caught the same bus outside the camp at 9.30am and arrived in Scarborough at roughly 9.45am.  A brisk walk down the busy shopping streets followed by the  steps down to the sea front. I did toy with the idea of catching one of the open topped tour buses to take us to Sea Life which is positioned right at the end of the North Bay, but as the weather was so warm I decided we would walk there. Big mistake!

DSC01517Its a very long way. We hadn’t got half way around the southern edge of the North bay before I began to regret my decision to attempt to walk all the way there. We could see Sea Life (its a sort of three pyramid building easily spotted from afar) but my feet were aching, my back was aching and just as I was about to stop and collapse with exhaustion, I spied a taxi parked  at the side of the road by a cafe. We went over and asked if he could take us around the bay to the Sea Life centre and luckily he agreed to do so.

Sea Life at Scarborough We went in and paid the entrance fee. Despite the fact that we both come under ‘concessionaries’ it was a hefty price to pay for what you actually get to see. Of course shark loving K was in seventh heaven despite the fact that those sharks present in the tanks were only small specimens. Its not a patch on the Deep at Hull.  We did stop and watch one of the staff feed the sea lions but only because I was intent on getting our moneys worth!

Dinner time at Scalby Mills

Of course once we had done the whole tour around the tanks and seen everything , K wanted a souvenir from the shop. By the time we emerged from Sea Life it was dinner time. Just up above Sea Life is a very attractive inn that just happens to serve meals so we moseyed up there for some dinner. Hurrah! They stocked Stowell’s white zinfandel wine! We both decided to have home made Chicken Pie for a change. Luckily there happened to be a bus stop right outside the inn where we caught the bus back to the town.


Now back in the shopping area, we found a shoe shop selling some very comfortable sandals. Two pairs for £10, so I treat myself to two pair.  We made our way slowly back down to the front and then walked on the front to my favourite ice cream parlour for my usual Knickerbocker Glory. K had a Chocolate Sundae.  We also treat ourselves to some delicious looking Turkish Delight fudge from a very tempting fudge shop further on.  What a shop! I told the girl who was serving it should be banned as a danger to health!  Big pieces of fudge cake to be had in every flavour you could think of!


I persuaded K to take a ride on the pirate ship across the bay that I have always wanted to go on, and it was really enjoyable and despite the fact that we were now skimming over the water across the bay, it was still quite warm in the September sunshine.  Following our pirate ride, we made our way back up to the main shopping area and then to the bus stop and caught our bus back to the holiday camp.  As we walked down to our caravan we felt the first drops of rain begin to fall. Literally minutes after shutting the caravan door, the heavens opened, there was a blinding flash of lightening followed by very loud thunder and this storm was to last throughout the entire night.

Yo ho ho, ship ahoy!

Tomorrow we were due to vacate the caravan at 10.00am precisely, return the key to reception and make our way back home but boy! Hadn’t we been lucky with the weather and what a wonderful break away!



6 thoughts on “Shoes, Sharks and Stowell’s.

  1. From Pacittos in Scarborough? The best! They contain just about everything but the kitchen sink! Fruit at the bottom, then layers of lime, different ice creams, more fruit, more juice, more fruit then topped off with fresh cream and a cherry on top. 1ooo’s and 1000’s of calories, but hey! Who cares!

      • If you are currently pestering ‘her indoors’ about your longed for visit to Whitby, throw this knickerbocker Glory into the mix. ( show her the snap I took of it) she won’t be able to resist. Then you can kill two birds with one stone, visit Whitby at long last AND Scarborough for a KG.


    • That’s cos, I hadn’t approved your comment I think, you should see all the photos okay now darkravenpigpen. (cripes! that’s a typing nightmare I must say! Uses nearly all the keys on the keyboard! Well, apart from z and x of course.)

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