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I’m at it again!

No, your not seeing things! No your eyesight hasn’t gone A-wol nor have you stumbled onto the wrong blog by mistake, it’s all my fault, I’ve changed my theme. Actually I can lay the blame firmly at the door of the WordPress Theme Team who have been at it again and found another lovely theme with which to tempt us users with. I love this one! I love the background image, the lovely large text which is so easy to read, I love everything about it.

Pity then that it was only last week that I idled away a good few hours or so of my time scouring the internet for backgrounds, and had just placed one of my panoramic shots of the beach at Cayton Bay as my new header. Never mind, a change is as good as a rest they say. I’ll slip in a photo of my daughter riding her horse today just to make up for the confusion that my readers are probably experiencing….

K riding Lulu


11 thoughts on “I’m at it again!

    • Where Tricia? It looks fine to me! I am using Firefox as my browser. Do you mean at the top? K has had a session today of riding without being led by one of the stable girls, she is thrilled to bits. That’s her horse nearest the camera and she is being led there but they were trotting.

      • Not sure what the problem was, but when I first clicked on to the site, the words of your blog and the picture appeared briefly, and was then replaced with an orange box that overlayed it all. I tried a couple of times. I use explorer BTW. Once I posted a reply, it seemed to get it’s act together … I see if it happens on the next blog you post …

    • Is it okay then Tricia because if not, I will have to let the Theme Team know there’s a problem with the Reply area (or something.) I love this theme, it looks really attractive.

    • Tricia, I’d be grateful if you keep your eye on this theme if it does it again. I did wonder if it was because I was using ‘split posts’ in my Home page, as there was some variation in the background colours going on, which is why I have changed it for now to full posts.

      Thanks for letting me know

  1. I DO like your new theme—it is very much YOU.

    I feel mine is rather “me” too so I won’t be changing it but if I were to I would definitely give this one some thought….

    • Yes, its so attractive isn’t it? I fell in love with it as soon as I clapped my beady eyes on it. See, I get an email notification every time there’s any new news from the bods at WordPress, so of course as soon as they bring out a new theme, I’m up there taking a peek before you can say ‘Tea and biscuits’ in fact I’m usually the first one to make a comment. I really will have to turn those notifications off I think, then I won’t be driving my readers potty with all of my theme changes every week or so.

  2. Hi TG,
    Love your theme, and no problems when I view it on Firefox. Just changed from Google Chrome to Firefox and finding the addons Marvelous and so user friendly. Autopager is fantastic..saves a lot of time. I’ve no plans to change my theme as yet, but I’m still tinkering about…Just in my nature I guess ..!! I set up Blogsurfer and now I find they’re integrating it with Subscriptions .. Ah Well.. same thing in the end I suppose.

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