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Ha ha Halloween!

It’s that time of year again. How soon it all seems to come round!  When a young (well thirtyish) Down’s Syndrome woman’s thoughts turn to creating as much merriment and laughter as she can possibly muster up as she samples the many wares on offer in her local Tesco’s. Not concerned with the strange looks given by passing shoppers or the screams of fright from terrified toddlers, she continues every year, year in and year out, churning out the  same old jokes as her mother sighs and thinks to herself, Oh no! It’s not that time of year again is it!


Need a hand Mum?

Need a hand Mum?

Is it armless Mum?

Mum, it’s all armless fun!

TG Eye rolling smile

10 thoughts on “Ha ha Halloween!

    • Yes, Karen, which rather proves a point in a way doesn’t it? That my daughter at the age of thirty is still a child at heart, and although she isn’t keen on children (finds them annoying and far too boisterous and noisy for her liking, forgetting that she was that age herself at one time) they do seem to love her.

      We have had some eight to nine year old girls who live near actually call at the door for her asking if she wants to play out. Fact that she only looks about twelve or so doesn’t help either……much to her annoyance.

  1. Hi TG,
    I’m all prepared for the Halloween knocks on the door for chocolate…(got two bags fulls this time…some for me of course!!) …and (dare I mention it?..) still no Halloween mask?… ;-)…..xPenx

    • Shh! She seems to have forgotten about it for now! there’s time yet though. Trouble is, all the Halloween stuff is right there as you begin your shopping, (they aren’t daft are they?) so its very hard to avoid passing it. Last year, we filled a rather large pumkin container with all sorts of goodies, then because we ended up getting no one at all call ‘trick or treating’ we ended up having to eat the lot ourselves! (K was in her element and that’s why she dons such horrid scary outfits so that she prevents their visiting ever again.)

  2. I am 60, so I guess I can claim I am in my second childhood as I continue to enjoy Halloween. It has always been my favorite holiday and probably always will be so I can totally relate/ (Why do you think I’m busily posting spooky stories to my skudrive under the title All Hallow’s Tales? Of course, some will be more fun—Halloween episodes of Father Knows Best with Robert Young and Ozzie and Harriet with the Nelson Family (including a son named Ricky who used to sing a bit) and so on. But I’m adding some blood-curdling old time radio stuff too…after all

    ‘Tis the Season!


  3. ps Now that I think about it I may put them in my Skydrive as well.

    Watch my blog for the show links

    oh and…


    • K would love you! She gets right into the spirit.. (:O) of Halloween every year. It’s her favourite time also, and a time of watching (usually continuously) the TeenWolf film. In fact she has a Werewolf mask tucked away somewhere with matching Werewolf hands bought at a previous Halloween.

  4. Its Lovely to see K enjoying her day in Tesco’s being Halloween in 2 week time, they always have a mass of stuff in there. Living out in the sticks (7 miles from nearest town) we don’t get any knocks on the door, its rather pitch balck at night here (no lighting as such) only from the odd house so no trick or treats.

    • Oooh! Sounds very spooky to me! I would be locking my door at daylight and probably wouldn’t dare answer if I did get any trick or treaters. Have you all noticed how many outfits there are this year for sale? From teeny babies to older children, there is absolutely a plethora of choice in the dressing up/outfits department.
      How parents manage to afford it all is a miracle to me. We used to have to make our own out of old sheets etc, or go as ourselves! (probably more frightening when I think about it)

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