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A Tour Around Town.

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I had to go down to town this morning, so I thought that I would take you all on a tour around our little town.  It only has two shopping streets and these are mostly filled with charity shops and strangely enough, travel agents. We do have a Boots, a Wilkinson’s, a Sainsbury’s and of course our monstrosity of a Tesco’s.  (Which by the way most of us didn’t want built.)  We have a river running through the town at the southern end, and also a canal which in Victorian times would have been the main thoroughfare for goods arriving to the factories, and one of the old factories that stood right at the side of the canal to enable goods to be easily loaded from the narrowboats  has since been converted into luxury flats.

Now of course, the canal is used mainly for those who prefer to live in a narrowboat and also for canal cruises and pleasure rides.  We do have a boat builders yard though that builds new narrowboats, and at great danger of someone suddenly coming out of the builders and confronting me about why I was loitering on their premises armed with a camera, I managed to sneak a shot of their latest creation.

We also have our own park, one of the nicest I think, in Calderdale. Not too big, not too small,  it has a lovely play area divided sensibly into three, a toddlers area, an older children’s play area and a Skateboard and Bike area for the teens.  At the frontage, we have a lovely flower bed area where folks can go and sit down (weather permitting of course) and while away the time whilst they admire the handiwork of the councils gardeners.

Across the bridge is an open field area that is used every year for our annual Gala. It’s also used by the numerous football teams as well.  It is fringed by the wooded bank rising up steeply at one side, and the beck meandering through the park at the other.  At the opposite end of the park to the Play areas, is the Bowling Greens for the older residents, a Crazy Golf for families to enjoy, two tennis courts and the resident wood carved figure. ( I can’t state a name for him as I am not sure he has one.)

Last time I took a shot of him, he looked very sorry for himself, as he had been left on his side laying prostrate on the floor. (must have fallen over, or been pushed.) However, I was delighted to see that someone has taken pity on him and he is now upright, albeit propped firmly vertical by surrounding stones.  He is also now facing the new swimming baths, whereas originally he faced the other direction. Perhaps someone feels that he should be party to all the fun and games that no doubt will be ensuing there soon.

I shall have other photos to add later, as it was drizzling with rain and so I missed taking any shots of the river and also our lovely train station, nor have I included any photos of the streets in town either.  Enjoy my slideshow and I’ll be back soon.


8 thoughts on “A Tour Around Town.

  1. Why it’s St Mary Mead to the life!

    (Or almost). Miss Marple had to put up with some changes in her village over the years as well, I remember. “Progress” they call it. I don’t know…I suppose it is. LOVE the church, by the way…one could enjoy attending evensong there….

    Speaking of Miss Marple (and, yes, I dragged her in by main force—but I have a good excuse—you are one of my few friends who is actually old enough to appreciate this).

    This little film clip from THE ALPHABET MURDERS (really THE ABC MURDERS) starring Tony Randall as Hercule Poirot.
    Poirot encounters an unexpected person here:

    • Yes, I LOVE everything to do with Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie. I have read every one of her wonderful books. My all time favourite Miss Marple was on the TV in the BBC series and she was played by Joan Hickson who in my mind, played Miss Marple exactly as I used to picture her in my minds eye when I read the books.

  2. Hi there TG, loved the tour…
    It’s great being able to see ‘walk’ round a town without leaving the comfort of your Comp Chair…Great idea and what marvellous technology we have nowadays enabling you to film and me to see…. but now the sun is calling, as is Bess. (Border Collie) so I must do as I’m told.!! xPenx

    • Thank you John. It’s really not very large at all, just two shopping streets connected by smaller streets. Anyone driving past on the main dual carraigeway would miss it if they blink as they pass.

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