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Rant of the Day.

Recycling and all that.

Yes, I know! I’ve touched on this subject before but following on from Monday’s recycling collection (or lack of it as it turns out) I am going to have another rant. Please don’t get me wrong dear readers, I am all for recycling to cut down on waste, but…….. most of the items that I end up sorting into my various receptacles are either not produced by myself nor requested either, and most are unnecessary waste produced by others.  And I could argue that years ago, the majority of it wouldn’t be refuse needing to be sorted because it would have been disposed of on the open fires we all used to have.  Remember?

Of course, we  didn’t have all the flyers, stickers, bulk mail and dross coming through our letterboxes in those days.  Only items  you received through your letterbox were letters. (shock/horror!) Nowadays, most of my post goes straight into the green recycle paper bag.  So the bulk of the paper recycling that I tend to do is not mine, nor was it requested to be delivered to my premises.  Which brings me sharply to the incident that provoked this rant. Cardboard, different thickness’s thereof.  It states in our very detailed recycling instructions for our area and I quote,

Cardboard instuctions

Now it just so happened that last week I had received a package which contained cardboard. It wasn’t too thick (well, not in my opinion) but it was corrugated. I forgot that this is not permitted to be placed in your green bag, and of course, when I went out later to put all the receptacles away, it had been discarded by the recycled guys.  So its now had to go into the black dustbin bag instead. It’s not all that long ago that we all received a flyer through the door (to add to the recycling of course) reminding us all that we were not sorting things out correctly and that far too many households were putting things into their dustbins that rightly belonged in the recycle containers instead, which were then adding to the mountainous piles of refuse on the councils tips.

What I want to know is why? Why can’t corrugated thick cardboard be recycled? Or Hardback books and wax crayons, yet a great big thick tomb such as a telephone directory can?  Which reminds me I have one or two of those to recycle.  Eye rolling smile The purpose of my rant? Its this. When we all had our open coal fires, we didn’t have hardly any paper, plastic, cardboard catalogues, junk mail, brochures and all the other rubbish we end up now having to sort into recycling piles, and if we had been inundated with it all we’d have simply burned most of it on our fires thereby helping  to heat the house. 


According to the powers that be, we were encouraged to refrain  from having our open coal fires because they were ‘contributing to global warming’ via the smoke they emitted  but does anyone know whether or not global warming has actually decreased since we all stopped using  open fires?  Of course modern houses are no longer built with chimneys included for an open fire so for most of us we no longer have a choice in the matter.  But was it a decision that has proved to be a good one in the long term?  How much money does all this recycling cost? How many miners lost their jobs through the decision to move away from domestic open coal fires?  Okay we know that coal wouldn’t have lasted forever, but neither will oil and yet I see no visible reduction in that items use, nor its contribution via car exhausts to global warming, do you? And don’t get me on the subject of packaging!  That’s another waste by the manufacturing sector that is largely unnecessary and yet goes completely  unchecked, and the subject of another rant no doubt in a later post.

TG   Angry smile   Rant Over for today.


13 thoughts on “Rant of the Day.

  1. Really enjoyed this rant as I so agree with you. Most of the mail I get goes straight into the recycling, (after I have spent ages taking off my name and address), especially this time of year when every other envelope contains “free” stickers with my name and address and all asking for £xx amount per month. It makes me so cross because I am made to feel guilty that I cannot afford to contribute. I try to do my bit by using the charity shops !
    We are one of the lucky ones as we have a big inglenook fireplace and an open fire so we can burn a lot of the paper rubbish. I don’t think there is anything nicer on a really cold evening than toasting my feet in front of the fire.
    Keep on with your ranting !!!

    • Marjie you are so lucky to still have an open fire! It annoys me though that we are expected to sort it all and then recycle it yet the biggest bulk of the paper recycling is junk mail which we haven’t asked to be produced or delivered.
      Why can’t someone put a stop to it? It’s silly and a complete waste.

    • I presume Cassie you meant 1952. Yes, I confess I had forgotten about the smog we used to get (although not as bad up here as it used to be in London)
      We don’t get that anymore but I can remember that on our fire at home we had begun to burn smokeless coke.
      You are right to point that out though Cassie.

  2. I’m sorry, I thought I said 1952…i’m getting old…the eyes don’t focus well, the fingers are stiff with arthritis…anyway, clever TG you figured it out!

    Yes, there are some reasons for all these regulations…the problem is that we forget (and the younger ones never know) how these things came about.

  3. Maybe we should just re-post all those items in the Post Box with Return to sender, address unknown on them ….. it they got them all back they might think twice before sending stuff out, and it would be their problem to dispose of it all ….
    As to fires … I love a rel fire ….

    • A lot of my junk mail isn’t addressed or in an envelope where you could return it. (there is often no address to return it to.) Worse and becoming more frequent are the ‘flyers’ for usually a restaurant or new Pizza place. (For such a small town, we do seem to collect tons of Pizza establishments of late)

  4. We have a “No junk mail” sign on our letterbox – which is respected by the deliverers of the junk mail. You should give that a try.

  5. I printed and laminated my own sign requesting no junk mail which is by the letterbox and seems to work well enough except for the stuff the postman brings. Mind you a lot of the takeaway menu delivery folk cannot read or speak english anyway and if I catch them posting then I am straight out the door, dog on my heels and give it back to them.
    My rile is that our attempts to recycle/save the planet seem to be of no consequence when you see what extravagances are used in bringing us blockbuster films etc. And as for the like of Top Gear….I mean, why do they have to waste fuel just to see what car goes fastest considering our speed limits do not allow the full potential anyway?! All those film crews and paperazzi , explosions and film set car chases, all for the sake of pleasure!
    Oh dear, it is all too easy to get on a high horse and rant away, see what you started!

    • Anne I couldn’t agree more! You have summed up exactly how I feel about it all. And don’t get me onto the extravavagant packaging that manufacturing use these days! Most of it unrecyclable into the bargain because its plastics! (is there such a word as unrecyclable?) Thin cardboard and paper was the norm when I was a lass, and kept to the minimum as well. Now its all packaging (think about Easter Eggs for an example where the packaging is huge yet the egg inside is small) You can all notice this as you do your weekly shop.

      Yet no one in government ever does anything about waste by manufacturing and companies. Its exactly the same with lights kept switched on all night especially in the big cities. Did we all used to manage in the age of the occasional gas lamp? It’s ridiculous and such a waste of fuel and as you rightly describe it, an extravagance.

  6. The coals still go to the industrial burners. They’re them chimneys that burn whole year long.

    About allowed or not, maybe you should check the recycling facility. My guess is they don’t have the system strong enough to process the thicker papers. Phone book could be ripped to pieces easier than cardboards and if they’re pulping it again to that paper porridge, thinner paper like newspapers are easier to dissolve.

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