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Another Day, another Jaunt!

We are off on one of our jaunts tomorrow. (Or adventures if you use your imagination more vigorously.)  As I have done in the past, I will try and include some clues as to our destination, but I am going to have to be really careful and vague with this one or it will be far too easy for my readers to guess. We had planned to do this one quite a while back but circumstances and our short break away postponed things until now. As is often the case, never to miss out on one of our jaunts, we will as usual be accompanied by J, hopefully this time not spending the entire day texting his beloved (which nearly drove me insane last time if you remember.)  So here goes with the clues.

Clue 1. We are travelling by train direct from our home town.

Clue 2. The total journey will take about two and a half to three hours.

Clue 3.  Is the monarch angry? Hope not because our train stops here!

Clue 4. A huge vegetable is a sight for very high eyes in this city.

Right, I think that you should all guess where we are going by now! No prizes I’m afraid but have fun trying to guess where. As always there’ll be lot’s of photos taken and no doubt a blog post about our day.

TG Open-mouthed smile


10 thoughts on “Another Day, another Jaunt!

  1. Yes you are correct, well done! It was hard to give clues for this one as its such a well known place. Travelling by the new Grand Central train from our little station, we will hopefully be cramming as much sight seeing, tourism and general mayhem as we can possibly fit into the time we are there. (and money allows)
    Yes John you know me! I love my trains, and I am just as excited about the journey itself as the destination.
    Lot’s of piccies we are all armed with cameras.

  2. Trains (sigh)
    We used to have passenger trains here in the US of A. We still do, in a limited sort of way—Amtrak and all that http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Amtrak/HomePage

    But I miss the REAL trains…the Super Chief http://www.banksofthesusquehanna.com/MM37Super.html

    and the Sunset Limited http://www.sprailroad.net/sp-daylight.htm

    (Amtrak has the route but not the class that the Southern Pacific had)

    and, of course, the El Capitan

    I tell ya, Technogranny mine—THEM WAS THE DAYS!!!

    • Oh I so agree Cassie and if I lived in the USA I would certainly miss those trains as well! So full of adventure and thoughts of transversing the whole of America from coast to coast, sleeping on it as you go.

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