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Quest for a CD.

I was dragged out today to Huddersfield (according to the boss, the only town with a HMV shop) for a CD. A CD of the soundtrack from Labyrinth the film. I often catch myself thinking that if I didn’t have K living with me, my life would be so much calmer and quieter. I wouldn’t be traipsing out on these quests for this and that. I would be a lady of leisure, pleasing myself whether I stayed put or not. But……..would I keep as healthy? Or get as much exercise? ‘Children help to keep you young.’ is a very old saying and its true. Okay, K is no longer a child but she does keep  you on your toes (literally!) in much the same way.

Witches MaskI took my camera with me, tried to take a shot of K trying a mask on in Clinton’s Card shop and was stopped from doing so by one of the assistants (spoil sport!) so we quickly vacated the premises sharpish and with me in a huff, muttering to myself as I went. Okay, we weren’t intending to buy the mask, but what harm was taking a picture going to do?  Met J and his girlfriend outside Burger King (at last! First time I have had chance to meet her!) and she seems very nice.  (that isn’t her by the way on the left of this text!)

We parted company after a meal in Burger King because he was intent on going to TopMan for some new clothes and K and I, having lot’s of experience of accompanying him on clothes shopping trips in the past, had no intentions of doing the same again. We expressed our sympathy to his girlfriend and I really ought to have advised her to get a book to read, preferably something like the Lord of the Rings which she would no doubt have been able to read from beginning to end whilst waiting for him to purchase some clothes. Instead we beat a hasty retreat to the bus station to catch a bus home.

I realised that I had not taken one single picture! So I decided we would  get off the bus two stops early and take some photos of autumn colours as we walked home.  so here they are!

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11 thoughts on “Quest for a CD.

    • Yes Cass she got the CD. She does her homework first and had apparently ‘searched’ on the internet for it. Either that or she had spotted it in some earlier visit to Huddersfield, probably on one of the rare occasions that she goes there with her Dad.

      • That’s great! Well, you can use the extra copy of “Magic Dance” I sent you to learn all the words to the “You remind me of a Babe” routine.
        Actually, if you’re as old as me (and you are) then you know where they got that. THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBYSOXER with Cary Grant and Shirley Temple.

        “You remind me of a man.”
        “What man?”
        “The Man with the Power.”
        “What Power?”
        “The Power of Hoodoo.”
        “Who do?”
        “YOU do.”
        “Do what?”
        “Remind me of a man….”

        Give up? (lol).

        Happy Halloween!O

  1. My children are always wanting this and that – but we don’t go on quests – we just go online (normally TradeMe, which is NZ’s version of Ebay).
    Some lovely photos – thanks for sharing those TG.

    • Oh K does that as well Pat! She has me ordering things from Amazon.co.uk almost weekly as well as venturing on quests for items that she simply must have. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sounds like you all had a good day , its good J has a nice girlfriend . You made me laugh about clothes shopping and the book . Great Pictures I love the colours of Autumn Fab. Sheilax

  3. Without K … what would you have to blog about?? Ironing??? So glad you liked J’s girlfriend … and loved the pics … I hope your day is better than mine today … heavy rain and wind … the only benefit of which is it is far too miserable to go out in, so even the horses are on strike!!! I’m off to light the fire, stick a bird in the oven and have a lazy, snug rest of the day …… editing some videos … stay warm!

    • I know Tricia! I really ought to have called this blog ‘Life with K’ or some such didn’t I because she takes centre stage and you are right of course! Life would be so boring without her!

  4. Fantastic captures of Autumn colours on the leaves, wonderful reds and golds…and I know it’s just the leaves dying before their last fall onto the soil to replenish the earth ..But even so, a feast to the eyes…also a rustle to the feet as you jump through them!!! (not that I would of course!!! 😉 …)….Happy Days TG…..xPenx

    • And why not Penny? I do! Jump through the rustling leaves I mean! Its all part of making the best of what is around you and I love that sound of the leaves crunching underfoot.

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