Visit to York for the St Nicholas Fayre.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely day out in York. It’s that time of year again when the St Nicholas Fayre markets are in abundance. In every available square the market stalls appear with their vast choices of goods and gifts to buy. Most of the stall holders dress in Victorian garb to emphasise the nature of this annual event.  York itself is dressed up in her finest Christmas dressage to compliment the season of goodwill. Horse chestnut venders are everywhere offering their winter warmers of roasted fare. Even the trees and the Victorian lamps which are dotted around the shopping districts don’t get left out and also receive Christmas lights or decorations to suit.

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Tomorrow’s Jaunt.

We’re off on another jaunt tomorrow.  I will try to give some clues as to where we are heading but, it isn’t going to be easy to do without giving the game away. My long time readers (if I have any that is!) will probably get it straight away!

Here’s the first clue.

1. It’s in Yorkshire.  Open-mouthed smile

2. We’re going there by coach. Disappointed smile

3. We went there last year. Thinking smile

4. Here’s a picture of K last year at the same place. Laughing out loud

You can see the stall behind K here (and the blasted rain pouring down as well.

5. The plastic cups she is holding contain Hot Chocolate laced with Brandy and we will both be no doubt repeating tasting that  warming delightful drink  this time! In fact we might have quite a few!

Right, that’s enough clues I think. Smile

TG  No prizes I’m afraid for correct guesses, I am a pensioner after all! Open-mouthed smile

A ‘Themed’ Day.

I would imagine that everyone gets a ‘themed’ day from time to time. By themed I mean that the day has similar occurrences happening more than once. Friday was a ‘Break’ themed day. So much so that I ended up hoping I didn’t fall over. It began innocently enough.  As Fridays usually begin as a matter of fact. I did the usual and got out of bed. That’s always a good start to the day I find.  Following that, I got showered and dressed. Again, nothing unusual there unless your a cat of course.  We had to go out as K was off to Yoga class.

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Saturday shopping spree.

Today we went on a shopping trip. To buy youngest son his Christmas present to be exact. We didn’t need or intend to buy anything for ourselves. Just simply meet up with son in Huddersfield, then onto Carphone Warehouse to buy the mobile that he had asked for. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Son was working this morning, so we had arranged to meet up outside Burger King at 11.30am as someone was giving him a lift into Huddersfield.  The jaunt began well with me exiting the flat door complete with coat, bag, purse and no shoes on, just in my stocking feet. (foretaste of things to come, or just me going gaga?)

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Pictures of York.

K returned from her venture to York dungeon yesterday with some pics for you all. She took more, but I am not allowed to show those containing the other Day Care people for privacy reasons. So just a few I’m afraid.


I like this one simply because she has captured the fog so well,


As always there has to be a self portrait. (or should I say, self photo?)


Where’s that fridge magnet for my Mum? ( that I had given her a fiver for)

Guess Who?

Hmm. Wonder who this is?

Can you give me a hand?

We’d all love another pair of hands!


Another nice shot by the river. Her photos get better and better!


In fact this one is crying out for a ‘black and white’ makeover.


Again, nice shot of this bridge. She did attempt a panoramic shot of this, but it didn’t quite work. She puts my photo attempts to shame!


TG  Embarrassed smile

Today’s walk with Crew.

Setting off at Clay House

We’ve been on a very long walk with crew today. One in which K and I ended up throwing the towel in and didn’t quite make it to the end. Setting off at Elland, we began our walk at Clay House then through the North Dean Woods towards Copley. It was very wet and muddy and the dead leaves that littered our path through the woodland reminded me of trying to walk through soggy cornflakes.

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Another Runaround. (illustrated.)

First leg by busAs my philosophy is ‘don’t waste those gorgeous days of sunshine’ we set off on one of our runarounds yesterday. The sky was cloud free, we were both armed with our trusty cameras and although K had planned to mooch around all day in her pyjamas watching her recordings, she eagerly embraced my idea to venture forth for a days journey via our usual transport, namely the bus and train.. It ended with both of us stuffing ourselves with calorie laden delights. (as usual!)

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