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Spooky Halloween!

Many of my readers will be aware of my daughters acting abilities. She is a born actress, spends the majority of her time watching films or television programs and has always been   very interested in effects and make up. We only had three ‘Trick or Treaters’ call last night, so in order to add to the whole affair and in the spirit (sorry, pun intended) of Halloween, she began trying out various attempts to spook her Mum who was trying vainly to catch up on watching some of my recent TV recordings. It was all so funny that I grabbed my camera and took a photo of her escapades for you all, and here they are.

Headless Daughter

Firstly I was treated to this whilst in the Kitchen making a cup of tea.

Oh she's armless!

Followed by this entrance some time later.

Coughing up fake blood

Next she treated me to some blood. (tomato ketchup I hope!)

Telling me a scary tale

Followed by this apparition telling a spooky tale in the lounge

Ready to greet the trick or treaters

And finally her get up for greeting the ‘Trick or Treat’ callers.

So all that I can say is this. Who needs Halloween costumes when you have a daughter as inventive as mine?

TG (Either that, or she watches too many scary films!) Open-mouthed smile

15 thoughts on “Spooky Halloween!

  1. Looks like somebody was excited and keen to be up to mischief. How could you not not be distracted with such a prankster in the house. And doesn’t K know just how to play to the camera everytime, yes a born actress!

    • She has had more photos taken during her lifetime so far than the Queen I think Anne. I was vainly trying to relax but………she adores Halloween, its such an excuse for her usual ‘over the top’ behaviour! 😉

  2. You do realize your daughter is a werewolf, right?

    Sounds like you had a great Halloween with K 🙂
    Kinda envy you that.

    Well, as I said on my blog (before I shut it down) what with the Government’s decision not to give people on Social Security a cost-of-living increase for the second year in a row I’ll have to be shutting my internet connection off sometime soon.

    I really don’t want to because (being a shut-in most of the time) this is about my only connection with the world. But there it is.

    I’ll hang on as long as I can but no sense in trying to maintain a blog or anything like that since I know it can’t last.

    If anyone missed downloading any of the Halloween shows I had up just shoot me an email and I’ll send you a copy.

    Hugs to All!

  3. I hope it was ketchup, TG, but fantastic photo’s of and K in full colourful action.., we didn’t get any callers here for trick or treat…so maybe it’s dying out our way…AND here’s me with two bags of sweets left…Maybe I’ll have to eat them all myself!!! Shame eh?…;-)
    Thanks for the comment. and I love the theme I’ve finally settled on…I tried out Chaos Theory, and it had a lot going for it, but the comment font was too small, and the header links just weren’t me…So, I fiddled about and hey presto, (took me ages mind you..and Bess thought I was going mad talking to myself!!) but I finally found this Theme, which gave me background and header options, Plus larger fonts!! Apols….lol!!..but I do like the changes on WordPress… bye for now….xPenx

    • Yes Penny, although the Theme Team on here have been really on the ball and launching a new theme on here almost weekly, it is still hard finding one that is ‘just you’ In a way, I am still waiting for my perfect theme on here though this Twenty Ten is as near as dammit.
      As for eating all the treats. that’s why K frightens them all away each year so that when no one calls she can scoff all of the goodies herself. (ably assisted by Mum of course!)

  4. TG—I had the strangest deja vu experience last night. I was watching Johnny Carson on YouTube. (You may remember him, I know his show was on in the UK). ANYWAY, this was a “lost episode” from 1969. His guests were Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Buddy Rich, George Gobel, Robert Wagner, and Judy Carne.

    Everybody looks VERY young. But one of the things that struck me was all the cigarette consumption during the show. You don’t see that anymore 🙂

    For those who would like to check it out the adventure starts HERE:

    ps: for those who are saying “I see dead people” you’re right. Only Judy Carne, Robert Wagner, and Doc Severinson are still alive.

  5. Yes, silly idea, that. I think that the fact that my parents and most of my peers smoked influenced me more than any stranger on the telly.

    I notice I forgot to mention Carol Wayne, above. Her tragic (and rather suspicious) death in 1985 at the age of 42 (from drowning) has never been explained. It is of note, however, that the last person KNOWN to be with her was Edward Durston. Who was also the man last known to be with Diane Linkletter (daughter of American TV icon Art Linkletter) when SHE died in 1969 (at the age of 20) after (supposedly) jumping out of the window of her high-rise apartment. Her father blamed her death on LSD, however no drugs were found in her system at the post-mortem.

  6. HI TG thank you for your response I am using VCS Video Cam Suite. I haven’t had the little camera for long , it also says that I put it on U TUBE.But wanted to bypass that. mmmm confused. Sheila .

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