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A Boring Blog Post.

Sorry readers. My lousy memory and usual bungling disorganisation is the cause of this very boring blog post. See, the intention was, after looking out the window this morning and seeing a gorgeous blue sky, to capture for my readers a plethora of fantastic photos showing Autumn in all her golden glory but……… after taking this lone photo on my way down the hill, the battery ran out of my camera and so silently cursing my stupidity under my breath I had to abandon the idea and return home.

Lone Photo Shoot 

TG  Embarrassed smile


7 thoughts on “A Boring Blog Post.

    • IF I remember to charge the battery Marjie and IF I remember to check the memory card still has some room on it you might get some more. If not then I’m afraid this is it.

  1. a blog boring post sounds like a hole in the ground a very deep subject…….. oh well
    keep at it and the boredom shall fade into but a memory forgotten.

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